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Wild Orchard, Pioneers in Regenerative Tea and the World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified® Licensed Tea Brand, Launches in Whole Foods Market Stores

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Michael D. Ham for Wild Orchard

Westchester, New York, May 29, 2024Wild Orchard Tea Company, a leading proponent of regenerative organic teas, announces its debut in select Whole Foods Market stores. With a mission to provide delicious and beyond sustainable teas, Wild Orchard is set to introduce three of its signature products across select Whole Foods Market stores this month.

Stores across several states including California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, and the Northeast-area, will showcase Wild Orchard’s commitment to regenerative organic practices through its premium tea bag line. Customers can expect to find the Regenerative Organic Certified® Everyday Green Tea, the Regenerative Organic Certified® Everyday Black Tea, and the Sunday Brunch tea bag made with botanicals and Regenerative Organic Certified® green tea.

“We are excited to launch three Wild Orchard teas in select Whole Foods Market stores. Their Regenerative Organic Certified® status will help raise the bar for soil health and farmer welfare in the tea industry. We hope customers resonate with the brand’s story and mission!” says Cindy Hwang, Category Merchant at Whole Foods Market.

Founded in 2020, Wild Orchard Tea Company is dedicated to producing the finest organic teas that promote both human and planetary health. Its range of products, including premium loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and matcha latte powders, caters to all tea enthusiasts, even those who may not typically enjoy the taste of green tea. Wild Orchard’s teas are sourced exclusively from a single farm on Jeju Island, South Korea, which boasts USDA organic certification since 2007 and became the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® tea farm in 2022. Michael Don Ham, President of Wild Orchard, explains, “We grow our teas naturally and regeneratively on a mineral-rich volcanic island without any sprays or compromising additives, resulting in luxurious, aromatic teas rich in healthful antioxidants.”

“We’re incredibly proud to see the Wild Orchard Tea line joining other Regenerative Organic Certified® products in Whole Foods Market. It’s a significant contribution to the momentum of this important movement.” said the Regenerative Organic Alliance’s Executive Director Elizabeth Whitlow. “Perennial crops such as tea, especially when planted from seed which encourages a deep rooting system – have an immense capacity for carbon sequestration and enhanced soil biodiversity. Wild Orchard’s vision to source tea that has been grown as close to wild as possible – not only without toxic agrochemicals but also without supplemental irrigation or tilling – truly exemplifies the practice of regenerative organic agriculture as a solution to the climate crisis.”

About Wild Orchard

Wild Orchard Tea Company, established in 2020, is committed to delivering the finest regenerative organic teas worldwide. Its 1,000-acre regenerative organic farm on Jeju Island, South Korea, produces teas nurtured by volcanic soil, ocean mist, and subtropical rain. With operations based in Westchester, New York, Wild Orchard’s teas have received 22 international awards for aroma and taste and are available at select retailers, Michelin-rated restaurants and cafés around the world.   For more information about Wild Orchard, visit wildorchard.com or contact info@wildorchard.com.

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