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Beyond the Bib launches first Sweet Mustard made for kids

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Jill Weissman  for Beyond the Bib

New York, NY, 2024 — Beyond the Bib, a leading provider of clean sauces and dips for children, is excited to announce the launch of their latest product, Sweet Mustard. Specially crafted for toddlers and young kids, this new flavor offers a nutritious, veggie packed and honey-free alternative to traditional honey mustards.

“Finally, a sweet mustard made just for kids!” says Jill Weissman, founder of Beyond the Bib. “Our Sweet Mustard is naturally sweetened with dates, has zero added sugar, and lower sodium content than traditional honey mustards on the market. It’s packed with nutrient-rich veggies and fruits like pumpkin, carrots, avocado oil and apples, making it a healthy choice that parents can feel good about.”

Beyond the Bib’s Sweet Mustard is designed for versatility in the kitchen. It can be used as a dip for veggie sticks, a spread for sandwiches, or a mix-in to enhance any meal. This new product aligns with the company’s mission to empower parents and caregivers to prepare healthy, flavorful meals for their children with confidence.

“We’re thrilled to offer a product that not only tastes delicious but also supports home cooking and healthy eating habits from a young age,” adds Weissman. “Parents can trust that our Sweet Mustard is made with the highest quality ingredients, without any artificial additives or preservatives.”

For more information about Beyond the Bib and their new Sweet Mustard, visit Beyond the Bib’s website or follow them on social media for the latest updates and recipes.

About Beyond the Bib

Beyond the Bib is dedicated to creating clean and nutritious sauces and dips specifically for toddlers and the littlest eaters. Founded by Jill Weissman, a mom of two who wanted better options for her own children, Beyond the Bib focuses on providing parents with healthy, flavorful choices that are free from artificial ingredients, added sugars and salt, and always with extra vegetables. Their mission is to make home cooking and healthy eating an enjoyable and exciting experience for both children and their caregivers.

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