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Daily Crunch Launches in 450 Target Locations Nationwide


NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2024Daily Crunch, the women-owned, mental health mission-driven brand behind Uniquely Crunchy sprouted nut snacks, announces the nationwide launch of its savory flavors in 453 Target stores. Positioned in the better-for-you snack set alongside emerging brands like Biena, Love Corn, and Wilde Chips, Daily Crunch’s expansion into Target marks a significant milestone for the brand.

Target selected the Dill Pickle Sprouted Almonds and Pepitas Sprouted Nut Medley, as well as the Nashville Hot Sprouted Almonds, to be part of its snack lineup. Co-founder Laurel Orley expresses excitement, stating, “Target has been a retailer that we’ve been dreaming of securing since our 2020 launch, and we are thrilled for Target consumers to discover us on the shelves across the country.”

The Dill Pickle flavor, the latest addition to Daily Crunch’s lineup, is Upcycled Certified and was developed in partnership with Cleveland Kitchen, using repurposed pickle ends to create a savory, tangy taste infused with zesty spices and apple cider vinegar. The Nashville Hot flavor offers a vegan twist on Nashville Hot Chicken.

About Daily Crunch

Daily Crunch is a women-owned, mission-driven, and sustainably sourced health food company that makes Uniquely Crunchy sprouted nut snacks that taste as good as they make you feel. The company has found a way to satisfy crunch cravings with a superfood-infused, sprouted nut and trail nut mix without added sugars, preservatives, or additives, as well as minimal to no oil.

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