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Fresh Monster Unveils New Deodorizing Shoe Spray for Kids: Fresh Steps to Cleaner, Fresher Feet

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Irena Todd for Fresh Monster

DENVER, CO, May 2024 — Fresh Monster, the leader in safe, sustainable, and child-friendly personal care products, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the Deodorizing Shoe Spray for Kids. This new product is designed to keep children’s shoes smelling fresh and clean without the use of harsh chemicals, aligning with the brand’s commitment to toxin-free personal care solutions.

The Deodorizing Shoe Spray for Kids uses uses the power of good bacteria and natural enzymes to break down odors at the protein level. This means odors are eliminated, not simply covered up. Made with a blend of essential oils and plant-based compounds, it is gentle on skin and tough on odors, ensuring that kids shoes can be refreshed safely and naturally. ”

As a hockey and soccer mom, I firsthand experienced the after-effects of sports and busy feet, and all the “funk” that comes with active fun,” said Irena Todd, co-founder of Fresh Monster. “Our new shoe spray offers a perfect solution by combining efficacy with natural ingredients to keep kids’ feet and sports gear odor-free and fruity-fresh.”

The shoe spray is easy to use, requiring only a few spritzes inside the shoe to achieve optimal freshness. It dries quickly, leaving no residue, and is safe for daily use on all types of children’s footwear, from sneakers to school shoes to sports gear. As with all Fresh Monster products, the Deodorizing Shoe Spray for Kids is free from parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances, and is packaged in eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental impact.

In line with its mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and environmental responsibility, Fresh Monster ensures that the Deodorizing Shoe Spray for Kids is accessible and affordable for all families. The product is available now on the Fresh Monster website, Amazon and Grove Collaborative.

Join Fresh Monster in celebrating this latest addition to their family of products and take a step towards a more sustainable, health-conscious approach to personal care for children.

About Fresh Monster:

Founded by two moms and former executives in the personal care industry, Fresh Monster is committed to creating safe, effective, and fun personal care products for children. By emphasizing the use of natural ingredients and sustainable practices, Fresh Monster continues to lead the way in toxin-free and child-friendly personal care solutions.

For further information, please contact: Irena Todd irena@freshmonster.com

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