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Aussie Select products receive Gold Medal Taste Award

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Jaclyn Glatzer for Aussie Select

ATLANTA, GA, May 2024 — Aussie Select, a premier product line by World Select Cuts, has been honored with the prestigious Gold Medal Taste Award. This accolade was granted by a distinguished panel of Masters of Taste, meticulously selected by Chefs In America, recognizing the outstanding taste and quality of Aussie Select products.

In a judging event held in Northern California, Aussie Select was recognized as a winning product line in the foodservice and retail categories, specifically for “Australian Lamb Pastrami, Charcuterie, Free-Range,” “Australian Lamb “Ham”, Charcuterie, Free-Range,” and “Australian Lamb Prime Rib Roast, Charcuterie, Free-Range.” The judging process adhered to a ‘triple blind’ protocol, ensuring impartial evaluation by withholding information about the manufacturer, product variety, and other evaluators’ scores.

The American Masters Of Taste judging panel praised Aussie Select’s Australian lamb products: “These Australian lamb products are perfectly suited to the U.S. market and the American palate. They combine well formulated taste and moist, juicy meat with a nice mouthfeel (the contrast between the bark and the pink meat) to create a good overall presentation.”

This recognition further solidifies the brand’s position as leading the culinary landscape. Each Aussie Select product is fully cooked, available in Ready to Slice whole roasts or Pre-Sliced retail packs (with recently updated packaging), and proudly free of artificial flavors or colors. The product line is also Halal-certified, catering to a diverse range of consumers.

About Aussie Select:
Aussie Select is the flagship product line by World Select Cuts, a U.S.-based company that is over 50 percent women-owned. World Select Cuts comprises experts in the Australian meat industry, accomplished culinary trailblazers with a history of award-winning success in retail and restaurants, and visionary leaders in F&B marketing.

For more information: contact Jaclyn Glatzer at jaclyn@worldselectcuts.com.

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