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EXCITE MY® and Makes Me Happy Join Forces to Drive Sustainable Change


FT. LAUDERDALE, FL, May 2024 — EXCITE MY®, a new industry innovator in premium organic wellness gummies, is honored to announce its partnership with Makes Me Happy, a dynamic sustainability organization. This collaboration underscores EXCITE MY®’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and groundbreaking solutions for a healthier planet.

“At EXCITE MY®, our passion for the oceans drives us to create a positive impact,” states Gary Rollar II, CEO of EXCITE MY®. “Teaming up with Makes Me Happy empowers us to fulfill our sustainability-driven mission and make a significant contribution to a cleaner world for generations to come.”

With every purchase of EXCITE MY® gummies, one plastic bottle is removed from the ocean or surrounding communities. Their commitment extends beyond mere plastic collection; by using bottles made of aluminum, they significantly help reduce environmental impact. In partnership with Makes Me Happy, the collected plastic is repurposed into valuable resources like Resin 8 blocks, crucial for sustainable construction and communities. This approach not only cleanses the oceans but also fosters eco-friendly living environments.

The partnership with Makes Me Happy aligns with EXCITE MY®’s ethos of environmental stewardship and social impact. Makes Me Happy’s founding story, rooted in a personal journey of realizing and addressing consumption consequences, inspires EXCITE MY® to push boundaries and effect lasting change.


EXCITE MY® Premium Organic Wellness Gummies redefine the experience of taking wellness supplements. Their gummies blend premium organic herbal ingredients with a dash of excitement, making every dose not just beneficial but also enjoyable. They are excited about their unique, potent formulas that offer capsule-strength benefits, setting them apart from ordinary candy-like gummies. Encased in elegant aluminum bottles, their packaging not only preserves freshness but also contributes to their commitment to sustainability.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact info@excitemy.com or visit EXCITEMY.com/renewit.

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