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Bake Dreams Unveils New Rebranding: A Fresh Approach to Delighting Snack Enthusiasts

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Cindy Villalba for Bake Dreams

NEW YORK, NY, May 2024 — Bake Dreams, a leading brand in the snack industry, is excited to announce the launch of its rebranding, marking a new chapter in its journey of innovation and excellence in the industry.

This exciting brand transformation reflects Bake Dreams’ evolution and continued commitment to offering exceptional products and memorable experiences to its customers. With a refreshed design and vibrant visual identity, Bake Dreams’ rebranding not only aims to showcase its wide range of high-quality products, but also to convey who they are as a brand, their core values, and their unique selling points in the market.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new rebranding, which represents a significant milestone for Bake Dreams,” said Cindy Villalba, owner of Bake Dreams.” This process has allowed us to reflect on our journey, our values, and what sets us apart in the snack world. We are confident that our new image will resonate with our customers and reflect our dedication to quality, creativity, and passion for snacks.”

Bake Dreams’ rebranding focuses on highlighting the authenticity, creativity, and joy that the brand brings to people’s lives. From their commitment to using real and non-inflammatory ingredients to their focus on honesty and transparency, Bake Dreams takes pride in its heritage and aims to inspire snack enthusiasts worldwide. With the launch of its rebranding, Bake Dreams invites its customers and followers to join them in this exciting new chapter.

For more information, please contact Cindy Villalba, info@bake-dreams.com Agency: 99 & Partners

About Bake Dreams:

Bake Dreams is a brand based in NYC that was born from seeing the lack of honest options for healthy snacks. Founded in 2014 by Cindy Villalba and inspired by personal experiences, she sought to revolutionize the “Snack CPG” industry by offering nutritious granolas that challenged fear-inducing food norms.

From its beginnings in baking for personal consumption to the creation of its own brand dedicated to baking granola in Bogotá, Colombia, Bake Dreams has become a light of hope. Embracing the spirit of honesty, Bake Dreams invited those who prefer to be transparent, like themselves. and they want to change the scary into less scary. They want people to try, with fear, but to try.

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