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Tamarind Heads Wins sofi™ Gold Award in Barbecue Sauce

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Sashi Kumar for Tamarind Heads

New York, NY, May 2024Tamarind Heads BBQ Sauce – Medium has won the Gold Award in the Barbecue Sauce category as part of the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) 2024 sofi™ Awards, a top honor in the $207-billion specialty food industry.

“sofi Gold Award winners have accomplished something really extraordinary,” said SFA President Bill Lynch, “which is that they’ve risen to the top of incredibly competitive categories. Every year, we see a flood of superstar specialty food products submit for sofi consideration–those that earn top marks from our judges really are the best of the best.”

Tamarind Heads was selected by specialty food experts, buyers, and media as the top Barbecue Sauce product, alongside Gold Award winners in 49 total categories. Products are judged on taste, including flavor, appearance, texture, and aroma, ingredient quality, and innovation. All tastings are anonymous and are held at the Rutgers Food Innovation Center.

“We are honored that Tamarind Heads has won a sofi Gold Award. Tamarind has such a rich cultural history and global appeal. Creating this barbecue sauce took countless hours of dedication before we really felt like we got it right,” say Sashi K. and Jim G., co-Founders of Tamarind Heads. “As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to know that our product, and all that went into creating it, is appreciated. Winning the Barbecue Sauce category is one of the ultimate stamps of approval and we’re incredibly grateful.” Tamarind Heads BBQ Sauce can be ordered through www.tamarindheads.com and @tamarindheads on Instagram.

The sofi Awards are open to members of the SFA, and have been given each year since 1972. Winners will be showcased at the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show, running June 23-25, at the Javits Center in New York City, and celebrated at the first-ever sofi Awards Gala on June 24. Open only to the trade, the Summer Fancy Food Show is specialty food’s premier product discovery event. For more information, visit specialtyfood.com.

About Tamarind Heads

Tamarind Heads was co-founded in 2019 by Sashi Kumar and Jim Giberson. Located in New York, NY, the mission is to celebrate the cultural richness and culinary versatility of tamarind. Tamarind Heads delivers next generation flavors that bridge tradition and modern tastes to resonate with the evolving global palette. Skillfully crafted and blended in the United States, each bottle brings a flavor profile that’s tart and tangy with a bit of smoke, hint of sweet, and a punch of heat. All products are vegan, gluten free, preservative free, and corn syrup free. More information can be found at www.tamarindheads.com and on Instagram @tamarindheads.

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