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Lanna Coffee Co. Introduces Shelf-Stable Snapchill Coffee Cans

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Matthew Alanis for Lanna Coffee

FRESNO, CA, (2024)Lanna Coffee Co., a Fresno-based direct trade specialty coffee roaster, is excited to announce the release of its new Lanna Coffee Original Snapchill™ Coffee Cans. This product offers a shelf-stable, ready-to-drink coffee experience, through a partnership with Wisconsin-based Snapchill Coffee.

Prior to canning, the coffee is brewed hot to extract optimal flavor, then immediately chilled to lock in freshness and taste. The 12 ounce cans boast a shelf life of up to 10 months at ambient temperature. “We are thrilled to partner with Snapchill Coffee to bring this innovative product to market,” said Matt Alanis, CEO of Lanna Coffee. “Our Snapchill Cans offer the perfect balance of quality, flavor, and convenience, and we believe our customers will love the smooth and refreshing taste.”

Lanna Coffee is dedicated to providing premium, single-origin coffee sourced directly from small-scale farmers in Northern Thailand. The company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices ensures that every cup of Lanna Coffee supports the communities where the beans are grown. For more information, visit www.lannacoffeeco.com.

Email: info@lannacoffeeco.com
Phone: (559) 493-5144

About Lanna Coffee

Based in Fresno, California, Lanna Coffee Co. sources its coffee beans from Thailand, working directly with farmers. The company focuses on sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices, producing a variety of coffee products.

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