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Protein Power Ball Rebrands to Day Out Snacks

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Becky Dheri for Day Out Snacks

MONTVILLE, NJ (2024) — Healthy snack company, Protein Power Ball officially rebrands to Day Out Snacks. With a passion for crafting dessert-inspired protein balls made entirely from plant-based ingredients, Day Out Snacks hopes to empower individuals to feel great about their snack choice, wherever their day might bring them.

Central to the rebranding is Day Out Snacks’ new packaging, featuring landscapes that celebrate the endless possibilities of where one can savor their protein balls. Day Out Snacks invites consumers to embrace a new era of snacking—one that embodies joy, vitality, and adventure.

Since its inception in 2018, Day Out Snacks has been rolling out portable protein balls made with functional ingredients. Founded by Becky Dheri, Day Out Snacks prides itself on creating protein balls that not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also nourish the body with wholesome ingredients sourced straight from the kitchen pantry. By leaving out commonly found additives like gums, seed oils, and sugar alcohols, Day Out ensures that every bite is a guilt-free indulgence in pure, natural goodness.

“At Day Out Snacks, we’re more than just a snack; we’re a lifestyle choice,” declares Becky. “Our rebrand is a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide snacks that not only fuel your body but also ignite your spirit. We want our protein balls to be your constant companion, whether you’re hustling through a busy day at work or embarking on an adventurous outdoor excursion.”

About Day Out Snacks

Day Out Snacks, formerly known as Protein Power Ball, is a health snack company dedicated to crafting plant-based protein balls that redefine the way we snack. With a mission to create portable & functional foods, Day Out Snacks offers guilt-free indulgence with every bite using wholesome ingredients sourced straight from the kitchen pantry.

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