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SINCE 2019

The beginning of June marks not only the beginning of summer, but also the beginning of LGBTQ+ Pride Month. To celebrate, we wanted to highlight some of LGBTQ-owned brands in our community that are creating a both more inclusive and more innovative CPG industry. This list covers everything from pet grooming products to plant-based cheese, but of course, there are so many more brands we couldn’t cover here – Who are your favorite LGBTQ+ owned CPG brands? Let us know on Slack.

1. Couplet Coffee

Queer woman owned and built for everyone, Couplet Coffee is on a mission to make great coffee more fun and approachable. They skip the pretentious tasting notes and gatekeeping and get right to the good part – ridiculously delicious coffee. To learn more about Couplet Coffee, head to their website.

2. Gay Water

Gay Water — a colloquialism for vodka soda — is a mission-driven brand dedicated to creating Queer representation in spaces where it is lacking like grocery stores, liquor stores, bars, restaurants, concert venues, and more. These are places where queer people both work and shop, but there are no products on the shelves to show that these spaces are safe and inclusive. With their core product — vodka soda of course — Gay Water is here to change that. Learn more on their website.

3. Kekoa Foods

Kekoa Foods is all about good food that brings happiness and health to infants and toddlers from all walks of life. They are on a mission to produce the most nutritious and innovative culinary creations that nourish babies and encourage adventurous taste buds. They’re proud to offer organic, non-GMO, and preservative-free products for families of all shapes and sizes.


RIND by Dina and Joshua makes plant-based, french-style cheese. With products such as their Classic Cambleu — a bloomy, edible white camembert with an intense bleu mold rind and smooth, buttery body — RIND seeks to fill a major void in the market: bloomy, European-style, aged, plant-based cheeses. To learn more about RIND by Dina and Joshua, check out their website

5. Eat Happy Kitchen

Eat Happy Kitchen is a premium natural food company created with the foundational mission of making foods with the highest quality ingredients that are always organically sourced, gluten-free, grain-free, and filler-free with no sugar added.  With delicious Italian pasta sauces and spice blends, Eat Happy Kitchen is here to enhance your next dinner time creation. Learn more here!

6. Sippin Snax

Sippin Snax makes delicious, authentically flavored snacks for pairing with beer wine and cocktails. Whether you are a cocktail, wine, or beer lover, Sippin Snax has something for everyone with snacks such as their Lager N Lime Craft Peanuts or Vineyard Red Craft Peanuts. Check them out on their website.

7. Nour

Nour is for the home chef who typically makes their own salad dressing. With no filler oils or gums, and only nourishing ingredients, Nour’s salad dressings are the perfect addition to your pantry. What’s more, their dressings are not only useful for crafting flavorful salads, but they’re also delicious drizzled on sandwiches, soups, pizza, and so much more. They currently have two SKUs — Vegan Lemon Caper and Sumac Serrano Green Goddess — and you can learn more on their website.

8. Two Spoons Creamery

Two Spoons Creamery is on a mission to change the way Americans eat dessert by making delicious, zero sugar premium ice cream the whole family can love. Crafted in Los Angeles with delicious California dairy, they pack their pints with luxurious mix-ins like fudgy brownies, salted caramel and marshmallows. Learn more on their website.

9. Artemis

Artemis is solving the top reason for veterinary visits: Skin problems. With their skin and coat care for dog, Artemis has created a product that is veterinary dermatologist-approved, science-driven, sustainable, and sensitive skin-friendly. Learn more on their website!

10. Tasting India

Tasting India aims to demystify Indian cuisine by making it easy for anyone to experience authentic South East Asian flavors with their line of spice blends, chili crunch, Masala Chai, and Cardamom Coffee. Tasting India is a queer, Woman of Color owned business, and you can learn more about their products online.

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