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Balkan Bites Introduces Mini Phyllo Rolls

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Ariana Tolka for Balkan Bites

NEW YORK, NY (2024) – Balkan Bites, a female and family-owned frozen food business, announces the launch of Mini Phyllo Rolls, adding to its existing line of burek, the traditional flaky, savory phyllo pies from the Balkans in South Eastern Europe.

Now available in over 500 stores nationwide and through the company’s online platform, Balkan Bites continues to bring the authentic flavors of the Balkans to households across the country. The new Mini Phyllo Rolls provide a convenient snack option, ideal for appetizers, kids’ meals, or anytime cravings. They can be prepared in the oven or air fryer for a quick, crispy treat.

Made with fresh phyllo dough and clean label ingredients such as unbleached flour, extra virgin olive oil, and real butter, each roll delivers a burst of flavor. The product range includes fillings of Spinach & Cheese, Beef & Onion, and Cheese Medley, offering a variety of choices for consumers.

Ariana, co-founder of Balkan Bites, reflects on the origins of their venture: “It all started when I approached my aunt Alida to teach me traditional Albanian recipes in memory of our late grandmother, Magbule. Our bond grew stronger as we baked together, and soon we were sharing our creations at pop-ups in NYC, receiving overwhelming support from customers worldwide.”

Balkan Bites remains dedicated to preserving and sharing their cultural heritage through their products. The Mini Phyllo Rolls are sold on the Balkan Bites website and are set to become available in stores, offering a taste of Balkan tradition to kitchens around the country.

About Balkan Bites

Balkan Bites is a female and family-owned frozen food business specializing in flaky, savory phyllo pies and bites. From their signature burek to the newly launched Mini Phyllo Rolls, Balkan Bites is dedicated to sharing the authentic flavors of Southeastern Europe with households nationwide. Learn more at www.balkanbites.co.

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