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Trashy Announces Community Equity Fundraising Round to Power Upcycled Snacking

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Kaitlin Mogentale for Trashy

Los Angeles, California, May 2024Trashy, the brand transforming upcycled ingredients into climate-friendly snacks, is thrilled to announce its latest fundraising round, with $280,000 raised from a diverse group of investors committed to sustainability and disruptive innovation.

Founded by Kaitlin Mogentale, Trashy is on a mission to catalyze circularity in our food industry, transforming overlooked produce into fiber-rich vegetable chips. Available in best-selling flavors such as Jalapeño Lime, Spicy Barbecue, Salt Vinegar, and Sea Salt, the brand won the NEXTY in 2022 for Best Salty Snack, and was the fastest growing vegetable/alternative chip according to SPINS 2023 Natural Channel data. The new capital will accelerate product development, expand distribution channels, and enhance marketing efforts to reach a broader audience eager for sustainable alternatives.

“Trashy is excited to welcome our community and customers as investors who share our vision for a sustainable future,” said Kaitlin Mogentale, Founder and CEO of Trashy. “This funding round marks a significant milestone for Trashy, enabling us to launch bold new positioning, and introduce more people to the fun and flavor to be had in snacking sustainably.”

With proven traction including over $4M in retail revenue across retailers like Whole Foods, Target, Trashy is positioned to build the snack company of the future leveraging circular design principles that maximize latent, nutritious value in our food supply chain to benefit consumers’ health, nutrition and pocketbooks. To date, Trashy has upcycled over 200,000 pounds of food.

There is a limited allocation remaining in the community equity round, and Trashy is welcoming investors who are passionate about ushering in a sustainable future of food.

Learn more and invest via wefunder.com/trashy.

About Trashy

Trashy is a bold, innovative brand transforming waste—pulp, stems, peels, and rejected produce—into delicious, sustainable snacks. Founded by Kaitlin Mogentale, Trashy offers grain-free, real veggie chips made with organic produce and crave-worthy flavors. Thirty-four percent of wasted food is fruits and vegetables, and Trashy tackles this by putting lost nutrition back into our food system in accessible, shelf-stable, and affordable forms. Trashy is building a movement towards a more sustainable, circular future of food, one flavorful bite at a time.

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