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Monte’s Expands Beyond Sauce, Launching New Pasta Line

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY PJ Monte for Monte’s Fine Foods

New York, NY, May, 2024 – Monte’s Fine Foods, the award-winning clean-label sauce brand, is marking its first foray outside the sauce category with the launch of dried pasta.

The new pasta line debuts with two custom shapes that you won’t find on other American grocery shelves: 3 Buchi and Rotolini, made from 100% organic durum wheat semolina and water only. Proudly prepared and produced in the USA, the pasta is slow dried, bronze die extruded, and non GMO. Monte’s is one of the only American made pasta manufacturers to create pasta in the old Italian tradition. Extruded through bronze dies which leaves a rough surface to better soak up sauce.

“Not all pasta is created equal. I’ve always wondered why some pasta leaves me feeling full, exhausted and terrible, yet I could eat my way across the Amalfi Coast with ease. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been on a journey to find answers and create a solution,” said PJ Monte, Founder & CEO, Monte’s Fine Foods. “I found out that most American-made pasta was heavily processed and “enhanced” with artificial ingredients, similar to white bread. So I set out to do things differently – finding a manufacturer in America that produced pasta the way they do in Italy, how it’s supposed to be made. The difference was night and day. Being clean-label and focusing on simple, premium ingredients has been a cornerstone of our sauce since the start – we’re excited to extend that into the pasta space.”

Over the past month, Monte’s partnered with Pop Up Grocer to introduce the new pasta line to select customers in NYC. And collaborated with wine brand Nomadica on a giveaway and special-edition of “Make It With Monte’s” that explores how the two brands come together to make Drunken Pasta, where the wine is used to cook the pasta.

For now, Monte’s pasta is only available for purchase at Pop Up Grocer and through the brand’s website when customers sign up to be part of Monte’s Social Club, the brand’s new membership program. Members will have first access to new pasta drops, merchandise, discounts and more. The pasta line will roll out to select retailers over the coming months.

About Monte’s Fine Foods

In just over 4 years of business, Monte’s has established a nationally recognized brand and quickly become a staple in pantries across the country. Built on a legacy of quality fare, the brand delivers superior, gourmet, consciously-produced Italian-American food products without pretension and has established a cult-like following of customers in the process. Today, Monte’s sauce is available in 500+ key retail stores across the country including Erewhon, Zabars, ShopRite, Fairway, Union Market, and many more. For more information on Monte’s and the new pasta line, visit https://montessauce.com/.

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