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Homescape Pets Launches HELLUVA DOG Supplement Line for Performance Dogs

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Nana Pfeifer for Homescape Pets

AUSTIN, TX (2024)Homescape Pets, a family-owned pet supplement company, announces the launch of HELLUVA DOG, a new line of premium supplements designed specifically for high performance dogs.

Developed with all-natural ingredients, HELLUVA DOG offers three targeted formulas to address key needs of sporting, hunting, and working dogs:

STRIDE: Promotes faster recovery and reduces stiffness with ingredients like green lipped mussel, turmeric, and black pepper extract, supporting healthy joints and muscles.

GUT STUFF: Improves gut health and digestion with pumpkin and slippery elm, aiding with digestive upset, loose stool, and providing essential prebiotics.

UNWIND: Supports focus and relaxation with brain-boosting MCT oil, calming chamomile, and valerian root, promoting mental well-being and restful sleep.

“Performance dogs require exceptional support,” says Nana Pfeifer, Co-Founder of Homescape Pets. “The HELLUVA DOG line is formulated by a leading veterinarian and provides a natural edge to help them achieve peak performance and recover faster, all while prioritizing their overall health.”

HELLUVA DOG is tailored to active dog owners, trainers, and breeders who seek natural solutions. Free from preservatives and additives, it aligns with Homescape Pets’ commitment to pure, simple, and safe pet supplements.

“Our goal is to unleash these athletes’ natural potential,” adds Marcus Pfeifer, Co-Founder. “HELLUVA DOG provides natural solutions that work with their bodies.”

Discover the complete HELLUVA DOG line at HelluvaDog.com.

About Homescape Pets

The husband and wife team of Marcus and Nana Pfeifer, inspired by the loss of their pup to cancer, created Homescape Pets in 2018. Their mission is to create simple, limited ingredient, natural pet supplements for some of the most common ailments dogs and cats face. Each product is clean, pure, and free of additives or preservatives. The company’s very own four-legged family members, Quinn and Minnie, taste-test and use all of the products. Learn more about Homescape Pets at Homescape Pets website or contact hello@homescapepets.com.

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