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Blackbird Foods Expands Plant-Based WINGS Line with Bold New Flavors

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Abby Thaine for Blackbird Foods

New York, New York (2024)Blackbird Foods, the NYC startup known for its chef-crafted frozen pizzas and plant proteins, is excited to announce the expansion of its plant-based WINGS line with two new mouth-watering varieties: Texas BBQ and Thai Chili. These new additions feature a crispy hand-battered exterior and a meaty interior, closely mimicking traditional wings rather than nuggets.

The new WINGS varieties will be available in East Coast retailers, including MOM’s Organic Market, starting early this summer and rolling out in additional retailers soon. They will also be offered on Blackbird’s website, which provides nationwide shipping.

Blackbird Foods’ existing WINGS line already includes popular flavors such as Buffalo and Korean BBQ. The Texas BBQ variety offers a tangy and smoky flavor, while the Thai Chili variety delivers a sweet and spicy kick. Each 12 oz bag of WINGS includes a separate sauce packet to ensure maximum flavor.

Made from seitan, a natural plant protein derived from wheat, Blackbird Foods has perfected a unique method of extracting protein that results in a meaty and versatile texture. This texture is ideal for WINGS, giving them a tender and authentic bite. Once coated in sauce, Blackbird’s WINGS look and taste like traditional chicken wings.

Emanuel Storch, CEO of Blackbird Foods, explains the perfect pairing of WINGS and pizza: “Everyone knows that pizza and wings are made for each other. Before we launched WINGS, we noticed that customers were already creating homemade wings using our seitan to pair with our pizza. Naturally, WINGS were the next product launch. We are thrilled to expand the line with these new, mouth-watering varieties.”

Blackbird Foods is eager to introduce the new Texas BBQ WINGS and Thai Chili WINGS to customers. These exciting new flavors will start appearing on freezer shelves in late June, with a suggested retail price of $7.99.

For more information, please visit blackbirdfoods.com.

About Blackbird Foods

Founded by chefs, Blackbird Foods specializes in creating chef-crafted comfort foods from plants, including pizzas and wings. Since its launch in 2020, Blackbird has expanded its retail line to feature hand-tossed frozen pizzas, seitan, and WINGS. All of Blackbird’s products are plant-based and made in New York City using simple, fresh ingredients. Available in over 3,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target, and Sprouts, Blackbird Foods brings delicious, plant-based options to a wide audience. Discover more and shop online at blackbirdfoods.com.

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