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African Dream Foods’ African Ghost Pepper Sauce Now Available at Albertsons and Banners Nationwide

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Natasha Jebens  for African Dream Foods

Orange County, CA (2024) – African Dream Foods is excited to announce that its African Ghost Pepper Sauce is now available nationwide at Albertsons and a selection of its banners such as Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Pavilions, Carrs and Andronico’s Community Markets.

This expansion into major nationwide grocery chains signifies a significant step for African Dream Foods in introducing authentic African flavors to American consumers across the country. With its wide availability, customers can effortlessly access this unique and spicy addition to their culinary repertoire, enhancing their culinary experiences with the vibrant tastes of Africa.

The African Ghost Pepper Sauce is not just another hot sauce; it represents African Dream Foods’ commitment to conservation and social responsibility. “We are so excited for our African Ghost Pepper Sauce to be available nationwide at Albertsons and its family of stores. Bringing our authentic African flavors and conservation message to every American kitchen has always been a goal, and this is a giant step towards that!” said David Schmunk, founder of African Dream Foods. “The desire for African flavors in our current food landscape is growing and we are so proud to be representing authentic African flavor with our African Ghost Pepper Sauce.”

A portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold is dedicated to various conservation projects in Africa, supporting efforts to protect endangered species and promote biodiversity.

About African Dream Foods

African Dream Foods is a food brand dedicated to bringing the authentic, natural flavors of Africa to the global stage through its line of sauces and spices. The brand is deeply committed to conservation efforts in the region, with a portion of proceeds directly supporting top wildlife conservation organizations. African Dream Foods collaborates closely with local farmers, business owners, and producers, ensuring not only the creation of a delicious product line but also a positive impact on the communities and environment. Their natural, non-GMO, and vegan products are available online via Amazon and AfricanDreamFoods.com

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