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Michele’s Granola Partners with SIMPLi on a New Limited Edition Granola

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Lauren Shafer for Michele’s Granola

Timonium, MD (June 25, 2024) – Two female-founded, natural brands known for their commitment to quality and flavor have joined forces on a crunchy summer collaboration: Michele’s Granola is launching Limited Edition Strawberry & Red Quinoa Granola, baked with SIMPLi Regenerative Organic Certified® Red Quinoa.

Michele’s Granola has been producing scratch-made natural and organic granola cereal since home baker turned entrepreneur Michele Tsucalas founded the brand in 2006. SIMPLi, the leading maker of regenerative organic pantry staples has been bringing consumers flavorful, nutrient-dense ingredients that make a social and environmental impact since Sarela Herrada and Matt Cohen co-founded the company in 2020. This collaboration grew out of a friendship and mutual admiration between the two brands, and through several rounds of testing, tinkering and tasting, one final recipe rose to the top.

Every handmade batch of Strawberry & Red Quinoa Granola features the crispy, golden clusters of organic gluten-free oats that are a hallmark of Michele’s Granola, studded with gently toasted SIMPLi red quinoa. The recipe is rounded out with organic freeze-dried strawberries, sunflower seeds and coconut. As with all Michele’s and SIMPLi products, this granola is made with simple quality ingredients and is free from wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, sesame and GMOs.

Sarela Herrada, co-founder of SIMPLi, says “Sourced directly from the Andes Mountains in Peru, our red quinoa boasts a richer, slightly sweeter, and nuttier flavor than other quinoa varieties that pairs perfectly with the oats and strawberries in this tasty granola. We’re so proud to collaborate with Michele’s Granola, a brand we admire, to bring our quinoa to the breakfast table.”

To build on their partnership, Michele’s Granola will donate 1% of sales of this Limited Edition to an organization selected by SIMPLi: Funds will be donated to SOME, (So Others May Eat), a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable housing, healthcare, nutritious meals and more to residents of DC since 1970. Michele’s Limited Edition Strawberry & Red Quinoa Granola is available in 12oz bags exclusively online at michelesgranola.com beginning June 26th through sell out.

About Michele’s Granola

Founded in 2006, Michele’s Granola bakes handmade granola cereal from scratch with natural and organic ingredients and a light, crispy bite like no other. The brand has also added award-winning muesli and granola butter to its lineup. Michele’s Granola believes that real food, made by real people, tastes better and is better for the health of our customers and the planet. The ingredients in every product are simple and wholesome, and flavors are traditional yet unique. Michele’s Granola products are distributed to more than 5,400 retailers and food service facilities in the US, and are available on Amazon and michelesgranola.com.

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