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Introducing BIOSTRIPS: The Oral Strip Supplement Brand by Wellness Advocate Joanna Bacchus


New York, 06/10/2024BIOSTRIPS, a new oral strip supplement brand founded by wellness advocate Joanna Bacchus, is addressing critical gaps in the wellness industry. Designed as a safe and effective alternative to traditional supplements, BIOSTRIPS cater to around one-third of Americans who have difficulty swallowing pills.

BIOSTRIPS leverages patented Nutrisorb Technology, allowing each strip to deliver more active ingredients with quicker absorption. This innovative delivery system reduces the need for multiple supplements and bulky storage containers, offering a more potent and efficient solution. Unlike traditional supplements, BIOSTRIPS contain fewer filler ingredients, maximizing the effectiveness of each dose.

“BIOSTRIPS was created to provide a practical solution to common issues in the wellness industry,” says founder Joanna Bacchus. “Our goal is to offer an alternative that supports overall wellness for everyone, with a particular focus on bridging the gap in access to supplements for women in their 40s and beyond.”

BIOSTRIPS are made with high-quality ingredients and are individually wrapped for convenience. This ensures a hassle-free supplement experience, ideal for on-the-go lifestyles. The strips are specifically designed to support immune health and provide essential vitamins and minerals, focusing on the wellness needs of women in their 40s and beyond.


Founded by certified Nutritional Advisor Joanna Bacchus, BIOSTRIPS® is a supplement brand committed to adressing shortfalls in equity in the supplement industry. Harnessing patented Nutrisorb technology, BIOSTRIPS® offer rapid absorption and potent results, setting a new standard in convenient, effective wellness solutions.

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