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Meet the Cameroonian Entrepreneur Who Is Disrupting the Chocolate Business


NEW YORK, NY (2024) – Set in Mission, BC, newly launched EMKAO Foods
has opened its factory and started production of Canada’s only single source, traceable, sustainable, chocolate products made from organic cacao beans.

EMKAO Foods operates out of a newly built 3000 square foot factory that produces single source, traceable cocoa nibs, cocoa paste, cocoa husks tea used to make chocolate bars, cocoa butter for white or milk chocolate, cocoa powder and dark vegan chocolate chips.
One of only two cocoa producers in Canada, EMKAO is invested not only in offering a high-quality product, but also transforming what it means to produce chocolate at every stage of the supply chain. EMKAO accomplishes this using a direct trade model and commitment to be the most sustainable and ethical chocolate maker in Canada.

Founded by a young Canadian/Cameroonian entrepreneur and chocolatier, Ayissi Nyemba comes from generations of cacao farmers in a country where cacao production and export contribute significantly to the national economy and in poverty alleviation. From her experience growing up on her parents’ cacao farm, Ayissi made it her lifelong vision to help and support the struggling cacao farmers in Cameroon.

“Moving to Canada as a young student and launching EMKAO has been a momentous journey and learning experience. It couldn’t have happened without the incredible support of my family and the business and food community in BC,” says Ayissi Nyemba. “It has been a true honour to work with some of North Ameria top chocolatiers and businesses who have embraced EMKAO with an equal amount of excitement and passion.”

EMKAO imports organic cacao beans from Cameroon, the raw chocolate base used to make cocoa powder or chocolate bars. Often referred to as a superfood, cacao is well-known for its high source of antioxidants and high amount of magnesium.


EMKAO FOODS INC is redefining the chocolate industry by producing premium quality, traceable and sustainable cocoa ingredients. The African immigrant founder is tapping into long-standing family traditions and works with smallholder farmers from villages in Cameroon to harvest the best quality cocoa beans and turn them into organic-certified products, such as cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, chocolate chips and chocolate bars. In the past year, EMKAO has expanded their facility, added new retailers, B2B partners, and team members.

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