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Startup CPG’s new
Shopify resource list

Startup CPG, the national community for emerging food and beverage entrepreneurs, has released a list of Shopify integrations and experts specifically for food brands.

Shopify is the #1 e-commerce tool for Direct-to-consumer CPGs

Selling via your website can help you boost awareness, trial, and give consumers the full brand experience. But it’s expensive – customer acquisition, logistics, customer service – so a lot of people opt for an easy, trusted solution when it comes to e-commerce: Shopify. Praised for its capabilities, flexibility, and above all, ease of use.

How to make the most of it?

Shopify’s out-of-the-box tool is easy to use and flexible, but many brands will look for some kind of customization, and help to get the most out of the tool. We previously wrote an article about navigating Shopify, highlighting common app integrations and best practices. This database includes vetted Shopify tools that members of the Startup CPG community have found helpful in the past, giving brands starting their Shopify journey the tools they need to begin building their site.

While the list of Shopify’s capabilities and integrations are extensive, according to Florian Radke from growth marketing firm Leap Grow, the number one question a brand should ask isn’t what they should build for its Shopify site but why should they build it. Therefore, a trusted partner is sometimes necessary for a brand to unlock value through the tool. Talent Marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr can be great places to find outsourced Shopify consultants, among other services. However, brands and service providers have commented that those resources are best leveraged when the brand knows exactly what it wants to build. While Shopify has a list of vetted Shopify experts on its site, they have not added to that list in over three years. A brand looking for a trusted partner can leverage Startup CPG’s database for an updated list of vetted Shopify experts that they could partner with.

A master resource list for CPGs

After seeing dozens of requests for Shopify experts and specific integrations, Startup CPG’s Jimmy Kepner embarked on a master resource list. The goal is to give brands some first-ever awareness at all of the help and options that are out there, and also a starting point for those looking for help. The list includes a lit of brands they have worked with, in case brands would like to do some due diligence. The list features an “add your submission” box to accommodate additional vendors, and is separated by “Tools” and “Experts”.

How to access

The list is available for free, along with Startup CPG’s other resource lists. To access, sign up for our email list at startupcpg.com, and you’ll receive a welcome email within 1 day with a link to our resource folder. We highly encourage you to also join the Startup CPG slack, where you’ll find a community of 4K food and beverage entrepreneurs eager to connect and share resources.

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