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12 Women-Owned Brands to Celebrate Womens History Month

Here at Startup CPG, we champion female-founded brands all year long, but during Women’s History Month, with the help of Settle, we wanted to give them a little extra-attention by highlighting some of our favorite women-led brands in our community. From inclusive period care to frozen gourmet cookie dough to palm-leaf dinnerware and more, these female-founded brands are bringing next-level innovation to the industry. Keep reading to learn more about these rockstar women-owned CPG brands, and then get shopping!

Settle is thrilled to continue their partnership with Startup CPG to elevate female founders. With a mission to power the CPG economy with financial tools, Settle levels the financing gap for female-founded brands with Settle Working Capital. Settle aims to empower women founders scaling their businesses in order to influx more women perspectives, inclusive brands and goods into the consumer ecosystem.

1. Jaju Pierogi

Inspired by their Grandfather’s — aka their Jaju’s — pierogi recipe, sisters Vanessa and Casey White launched their frozen pierogi business in 2016 as a labor of love. Eight years later, they have now expanded into stores nationwide, and offer a wide variety of flavors from their Jaju’s classic cheese and potato to their more modern spicy jalapeno and cheddar. You can shop Jaju Pierogi on their website

2. Dillonades

Founded by Tiffany Green, Dillonades makes freshly squeezed bottled lemonades infused with real fruit and without preservatives and artificial ingredients. Dillonades brings families and friends together with a refreshing lemonade experience and offers a variety of fun flavors, including tropical, pineapple, and berry berry. Purchase Dillonades online!


3. Lottie’s Meats

Sister-owned pork brand Lottie’s Meats is bringing high-quality, chef-crafted pork products to the dinner table in a new and meaningful way. Lottie’s Meats uses only the best cuts of pork, sourced from family farms and seasoned and smoked to perfection for sausages that taste good, do good, and make you feel good. Learn more about Lottie’s Meats here!

4. Dtocs

Inspired by her childhood memories of dining on banana leaves in India, Pallavi Pande is introducing the concept of this sustainable practice to the Western world with Dtocs: a sustainable palm leaf disposable tableware solution for a plastic-free world. With plates, platters, bowls, and utensils, Dtocs has everything you need to host a sustainable party, event, or even a simple family dinner at home without the mess. You can purchase Dtocs on their website or Amazon

5. Monthly

Monthly makes period underwear that transforms your period routine so that you can have a simple, comfortable, planet-friendly cycle. Monthly champions the lived experiences of people with periods to build inclusive period care that is affordable, sustainable, and affirming to each person’s unique period experience. You can find Monthly’s products on their website!

6. ChiChi

Founded by two friends and college classmates, ChiChi is a chickpea breakfast company that makes the first high-protein chickpea oatmeal. Their products are grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar, and come in four classic flavors: apple pie, maple syrup, banana bread, and original. You can purchase ChiChi on their website!

7. NeuEve

NeuEve offers OBGYN-invented natural remedies for women’s health, empowering women with the best natural self-care products to enhance their health, wellness, confidence, and happiness. While women may not always talk about it, many are having vaginal health problems, and NeuEve is here to provide solutions. Learn more about NeuEve on their website

8. Mesa de Vida

Mesa de Vida provides elevated, healthful, convenient, and innovative mealtime solutions with their line of flavor starters and cooking sauces. Mesa de Vida’s chef-crafted blends make it easy for customers to create delicious meals that celebrate the vibrant flavors of cuisines from around the world. Buy Mesa de Vida on their website!

9. Doughpamine

Founded by a busy mother and former fine-dining pastry chef, Doughpamine makes frozen gourmet cookie dough with inspired flavors such as miso-peanut butter and blueberry corn. With Doughpamine in your freezer, you can have warm, gooey cookies on the table in minutes. Check out Doughpamine on their website

10. Kula Ice Cream

Kula Ice Cream makes gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan frozen desserts. Their desserts are purposefully thick, creamy, and indulgent, unlike typical vegan ice creams that are light or “airy.” Kula’s pints are filled with large chunks of gluten-free vegan goodies, and their ice cream sandwiches are made with a thick layer of their most popular flavors, pressed between two soft-baked gluten-free cookies. Learn more about Kula Ice Cream online

11. Kinship Milk Tea

Kinship Milk Tea makes high-quality vegan milk tea served chilled to energize your day — think caffeine without the jitters but with the fun. Kinship is woman-owned and operated with a long-term goal of creating an entirely woman-owned supply chain — from co-packers to food scientists, to farms. Buy Kinship Milk Tea online!

12. Droosh

Founded by three cousins, Droosh provides unique Indian-inspired spice blends made with traditional Indian ingredients for untraditional cooks. With ingredients almost entirely sourced from India, the four spice blends in Droosh’s line offer potent flavor and powerful health benefits for everyday meals that don’t compromise on flavor. Shop Droosh on their website!

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