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Panic Panties Gains Distribution in 5000 CVS Stores Nationwide

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Maria Marino for Panic Panties

WHITE PLAINS, NY. (2024)Panic Panties, the first premium on-the-go underwear brand, has launched in 5,000 CVS locations nationwide, revolutionizing the accessibility of high-quality, ready-to-wear underwear. Positioned in the hair and fashion accessories section, Panic Panties offers a solution for life’s unexpected moments, providing comfort, convenience, and peace of mind to women everywhere.

Panic Panties, known as “the perfect spare pair,” are meticulously designed to meet the demands of women on the go. Individually-wrapped and pre-washed, these ultra-portable panties are ideal for various situations including travel, emergencies, gym visits, and laundry woes. When not in a moment of need, customers enjoy stocking up ahead of time to discreetly stash in their bag or car as an emergency essential, or for everyday wear.

“We’re on a mission to reinvent the antiquated convenience underwear category and change the way women shop for quality underwear— just like L’eggs did for pantyhose,” says Maria Marino, Panic Panties Co-Founder. “Underwear is a wellness essential for women. Quality, ready-to-wear undies should be available when and where women need them most.”

CVS has launched Panic Panties’ best-selling 4-Way Stretch Bikini from their Essentials Line—a line sold exclusively at the brand’s retail partners, offering super-soft, certified nontoxic fabrics at their best value. Beloved for its comfort and style, the 4-Way Stretch Bikini is made from next-level-soft and stretchy microfiber, and features “muffin-top-proof” elastic-free seams and an antimicrobial cotton lining to help prevent bacteria and odor throughout wears. “All at a price point that won’t make you want to go commando,” says Marino.

“We’re obsessed with this panty because it’s lightweight, smooth as butter, and offers exceptional stretch,” she adds. “We understand the importance of comfort and reliability, especially during life’s unexpected moments.”

In line with their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Panic Panties sourced an Earth-friendly pouch made of recycled plastic that’s carbon-neutral and helps fund ocean clean-ups. The resealable pouch allows customers to unpack their new pair, repack their worn pair, and get on with their day. The brand has also launched an innovative underwear recycling program, encouraging consumers to send in their old undies (from any brand) for proper recycling in an effort to decrease the underwear that ends up in landfills.

Additionally, fit and size inclusivity are of the utmost importance to the brand. Panic Panties offers multiple styles in three inclusive size ranges for women sizes 2-26.

About Panic Panties

Panic Panties was founded in 2019 by Maria Marino, Alex Bernstein, and Katherine Anne Koury, three best friends and Syracuse University alumni. It was during their days living in Manhattan as young professionals, they discovered a lack of attractive underwear options in the places they needed them most. With over 16 million hashtag views on TIKTOK, the company’s flagship product, Panic Panties, has been celebrated by customers and industry experts alike for innovation and branding. They were winners of the WBENC National Pitch Competition and have been named a “Brand on the Rise” by Ad Age.

For wholesale inquiries, contact co-founder Katherine Anne Koury at katherineanne@panicpanties.com.

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