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Ava’s Pet Palace Announces Wefunder Campaign to Fuel Growth and Champion Diversity

PRESS RELEASE — NEWS PROVIDED BY Ina Jones  for Ava’s Pet Palace

CHICAGO, IL (2024) Ava’s Pet Palace, a trailblazer in the premium pet treat market, proudly announces the launch of its Wefunder campaign. This community round aims to raise funds through a revenue-sharing model, inviting pet lovers and supporters to be integral to the company’s continued growth and success.

Founded by 17-year-old entrepreneur Ava when she was 8, Ava’s Pet Palace has swiftly become a cherished brand among pet owners seeking top-tier, organic treats for their furry companions. With its products already featured in major retailers like Target, the company is poised to further its impact and reach within the pet industry.

Ava expressed her excitement about the campaign, stating, “This Wefunder campaign is more than just a fundraising effort; it’s about building a community of passionate pet lovers who believe in our mission. I’m thrilled to offer our supporters a chance to join us in this journey and share in our success as we take Ava’s Pet Palace to new heights.”

The revenue-sharing model adopted for this campaign is both innovative and community-centric. This approach allows investors to earn a percentage of the company’s revenue, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. By participating in this campaign, supporters are not only investing in a thriving business but also contributing to a movement that champions sustainability, quality, diversity, and inclusion.

Ava’s Pet Palace stands out as one of the very few Black or people of color-founded businesses in the pet industry, and Ava herself is the youngest entrepreneur in this space making significant strides. The company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is fundamental to its mission, embodying the values of its founder and the vibrant community it serves.

Ina Jones, Ava’s mom and the president of Ava’s Pet Palace, added, “Our Wefunder campaign is a unique opportunity for our community to be directly involved in our journey. We are committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse pet industry, and together, we can achieve something truly special.”

Ava’s Pet Palace’s Wefunder campaign marks a significant milestone in the company’s history, showcasing its dedication to innovative business practices and community-driven growth. With a strong foundation and a loyal fanbase, the company is well-positioned to make substantial advancements in the pet industry.

To learn more about Ava’s Pet Palace and participate in the Wefunder campaign, visit https://wefunder.com/avas.pet.palace.

About Ava’s Pet Palace

Ava’s Pet Palace is a leading provider of organic pet treats, offering a range of products made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Founded by Ava at the age of 8, the company has grown into a celebrated brand known for its dedication to pet health and wellness. With a mission to provide the best for pets everywhere, Ava’s Pet Palace continues to innovate and inspire.

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