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The Ultimate Startup CPG Gift Guide
Part Two

CPG gifts for everyone on your list!

For the beverage girlies


Immorel Beverages, a line of sparkling mushroom-based teas, is perfect for your beverage-obsessed friend looking for more functionality than plain seltzer and fewer sugar-crashes than soda. Pick from three unique flavors: Feed Ur Focus, to get you through the 3pm slump, Wake the Eff Up, to jumpstart your day (or keep you awake past your bed-time), and Slow Ur Roll, to chill your nerves and get ready for sleep.

Purchase on immorel.com!

Walker Brothers

Founded by two brothers and using a SCOBY inherited from their aunt, Walker Brothers kombucha aims to facilitate community through functional, flavorful beverages. With alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and seasonal flavors like chai-masala to choose from, Walker Brothers has something for everyone looking to add a few more probiotics to their diet. 

Take your pick on drinkwalkerbrothers.com!


Halmi (nickname for grandma in Korean) is a brand of light sparkling beverages inspired by traditional Korean flavors. ​​Their debut flavor is inspired by Korea’s beloved SuJeongGwa; a sweetened spiced punch that’s been brewed for generations to aid digestion. Crafted with cinnamon, ginger, jujube and persimmon you can think of it as a healthier, lighter ginger ale.

Purchase on drinkhalmi.com!

For the want-to-be Great British Baking Show contestants


ELIA is a line of premium olive oil baking mixes that celebrate pure ingredients and high-quality, uniquely delicious flavors, offering cake mixes like Grecian with Almond and Citrus, Dark Chocolate and Espresso, and Vanilla with a Hint of Lemon. Even better, each mix comes with Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil so your bakers can get started  as soon as they unwrap their present.

Purchase on Amazon!

Nowhere Bakery

Nowhere Bakery makes some of the most decadent allergen-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free desserts on the market. If the baker in your life has had enough of holiday baking themselves, gift them Nowhere Bakery’s Holiday Sampler Pack with an assortment of three cookies: White Chocolate Macadamia Dream, Midnight Mint, and Caramel Christmas Spice. 

Buy on nowherebakery.com!

Rio Good

If they prefer savory over sweet, Rio Good offers plant-based cheese bread mixes inspired by the founder Claudia’s Brazilian heritage. Rio Good’s cheesy bread can be eaten by itself or paired with salad, soup, dips, or even jam and comes in a variety of flavors: the Original, Parmesan, Tuscan Rosemary, Spicy Jalapeño, and Hot & Smoky.

Find them on riogood.com!

For the international flavors foodie

Chutni Punch

Inspired by the flavors of her childhood in Bengaluru, India, Sahithya Wintrich created Chutni Punch, a line of tasty, fun, and easy-to-use spice condiments. Their gift pack will delight the taste buds of the foodies in your life with all three Chutni Punch flavors: Savory Chana, Super Sesame, and Spicy Peanut. 

Buy on chutnipunch.com or Amazon!

Sake High!

Sake High is a premium junmai sake brewed in Kyoto, Japan that is redefining the sake drinking experience beyond simply an accompaniment to Japanese food. With clean and simple ingredients and an ABV 3x stronger than beer or seltzer, Sake High is the perfect gift for the friend who always brings the hottest new drinks to the party.

Purchase on sakehigh.com!

Rooted Fare

Rooted Fare makes fun, modern Chinese-American pantry staples that are nostalgic yet novel, using unique ingredients and flavors. Gift their limited edition Pineapple Cake Cashew Butter filled with sweet, tart pineapple flavor from organic pineapples with pops of crushed oat cookies and jammy dried pineapple pieces, or go with their original Crunchy Black Sesame Butter, a not-too-sweet, Chinese-American almond butter.

Find them on rootedfare.com!


Geem introduces Korean seaweed snacks (with a twist) to the West with a modern take on traditional recipes. Combining sustainability, founder-driven storytelling, and Korean pop culture, Geem is the perfect gift for the foodie who is looking for another superfood to add to their arsenal.

Find them on eatgeem.com!

For the plant-based fanatic

Jacked! Jackfruit Jerky

Born from a belief that making great snacks doesn’t need to come at a cost to our planet, Jacked created a plant-based jerky made from jackfruit. Jacked jackfruit jerky is 100% plant-based, high in dietary fiber, has 5g protein and 0 cholesterol, and comes in three bold flavors: black pepper, Malaysian chili, and jackfruit jerky.

Purchase on jackedjackfruitjerky.com!

Rebel Cheese

For the vegan who is desperately missing cheese, look no further than Rebel Cheese. They make plant-based cheeses by using the artisan techniques of traditional cheesemaking to transform plant-based ingredients into the same signature experience as dairy, without sacrificing texture, flavor, or appearance. 

Find them on rebelcheese.com!

Seed to Surf

If the plant-based fanatic in your life has been eager to partake in the tinned fish craze, Seed to Surf’s line of plant-based seafood offers the perfect alternative. With celery-root smoked whitefish and Enoki mushroom crab, Seed to Surf offers consumers a re-imagining of the premium tinned seafood experience. 

Purchase on Amazon!

For the coffee and tea lovers


Savorista’s line of caffeine-conscious coffees enables coffee lovers to savor the comfort of coffee without the impact of too much caffeine. Gift a single bag of their half-caf or decaf coffee or, if you’re an overachiever, set your recipient up for months of delicious beans with a Savorista gift subscription.

Buy on savorista.com!

Three Keys Coffee

If the coffee lover in your life might also call themselves a coffee snob, gift them a bag of Three Keys Coffee, an award-winning artisanal roastery offering a multi-sensory coffee experience. Each blend even has an accompanying curated Spotify playlist, so your coffee lover can sip their morning joe in style.

Purchase on threekeyscoffee.com!

Maisha Tea

Maisha Tea makes premium, organic blends of moringa tea so your tea-loving friends and family can easily meet their nutritional needs in a fast, convenient, and delicious way. Naturally caffeine-free and with four unique blends, Pure Moringa, Chai, Lemon Ginger, and Mint,  your recipient will be drinking Maisha tea all winter long. 

Buy on maishatea.com!

Twrl Milk Tea

For the tea-lover whose definition of tea includes boba, Twrl Milk Tea is a premium better-for-you milk tea that doesn’t compromise quality or taste. Twrl’s milk tea and boba topping sampler pack is perfect for gifting, coming with one can of each milk tea and two packets of each boba topping so your recipient can mix and match as they please.

Purchase on Amazon!

For the friend hosting a NYE party

Just Enough Wines

Whether they are hosting a New Year’s party or spending a quiet evening at home, Just Enough Wines’ perfectly portioned, consciously crafted, premium canned wines are a gift any wine-lover would enjoy. From sourcing the grapes from premium vineyards to extensive testing, Just Enough Wines makes quality wine more accessible for all to enjoy. 

Buy on justenoughwines.com!


For the host sick of serving the traditional Campari, Veso makes aperitifs for the modern drinker with real, honest ingredients. With products like Strawberry Solstice Aperitif made from fresh California strawberries and Earl Grey Aperitif made with real tea leaves, Veso’s aperitifs are complex in flavor but easy to drink.

Purchase on drinkveso.com!


If nostalgia is what you’re after, Mizo’s hard lemonade is the ticket. Packaged in squeezable pouches reminiscent of juice boxes, Mizo’s hard lemonade brings childhood fun to adult drinking. And with 88% less sugar than the leading hard lemonade brand, drinkers can rest easy on NYE knowing they’ve already gotten a head start on their New Year’s resolutions. 

Find them on drinkmizo.com!

Looking for part 1 of our gift guide? Check it out here!

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