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The Most Important Components to
a Strong DTC Site

Adam Pollack is the Head of Content & Strategy at Rodeo CPG, a proud Startup CPG sponsor.

It’s easy to get swept up in the complexity that comes with building your ecommerce site. However, like most things, simple is better. We’re going to outline the handful of things that should be a focus in the early-days.

Before we dive in, a big thanks to Lindsey Rosenberg who helped pull this together. She’s an experienced CPG operator and our go-to resource for all things digital.

What Are The Most Important Things To Get Right?
Tell a Story

When consumers shop online they’re looking to discover something new, exciting, and reflective of their values. A powerful online identity means utilizing digital communication tools to tell your story in a way that endears your target audience before, during, and after they become a customer.

Stay in Touch

Maybe you’re a wiz at artful TikTok videos, or love making explainer videos for YouTube. Perhaps personal Instagram stories cataloging your everyday life as a business owner are your thing. Weekly emails are a quick and easy way to keep your audience updated on your brand and announce new products, too. Using these tools effectively is key to gaining followers and keeping them, and loyal fans are the most likely to become (and stay) customers.

The Product Has to Sing

It goes without saying that having an excellent product should be top priority. Customers won’t come back if you don’t deliver on your marketing and product promises. Are you explaining the product benefits accurately? Are you using testimonials to express user feedback? All of this digital messaging helps tell your story, get consumers excited, and, ultimately, sell more product.

Know Your Numbers

Selling online comes with all sorts of costs. It’s important to understand things like your customer acquisition costs (CAC), average order value (AOV), and cart abandonment rate. Want to know what the metrics the best brands are tracking? We’ll send you a list! Get it here.

How does this translate into the design of my site?

For an amazing resource, check out Nik Sharma’s Landing Page Guide.

Starting out, you should nail the following:

  • A simple (often one-page), well-designed, mobile-friendly website built for ecommerce.
  • Large, high-quality imagery or videos to tell your story and establish credibility.
  • Strong copy that conveys your brand’s key messages.
  • Easy site navigation (someone shouldn’t have to click more than 3 times to find anything) and clear call(s)-to-action.

What Are Some Good Examples?

Some things in common amongst all of them:

  • Simple, concise messaging about their products (e.g. coffee without the crash)
  • Strong visuals
  • Clear calls to action (e.g. “Try Now!”)
  • Simple site navigation at the top (<6 page options)

The Good Ritual (@thegoodritual)

Joolies (@joolies)

Omsom (@omsom)

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