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Introducing: The Startup CPG Retail Sales Tracker

With the help of our sponsor Cultivate CPG, Startup CPG has created a master list of the retailers emerging brands can and should target as they grow their brand. The Retail Sales Tracker is the ultimate sales resource for CPG brands, taking the guess work out of identifying your ideal retailers and building a  strategy around them.

Daniel Scharff, the founder of Startup CPG, explains, “I wanted to create this database because new founders start from scratch – they don’t know how to contact retailers, or even which retailers they should target. Everybody starts to build something like this on their own, and typically have to work with a broker to get access to something like this. We’re really grateful to Cultivate CPG for making it possible to level the playing field for early brands and releasing this incredibly comprehensive resource.”

What is the Retail Sales Tracker?

The Retail Sales Tracker features 73,000 retailers with a focus on chains that are more open to emerging brands. It also includes which distributors each retailer works with along with the link to submit to the retailer directly if available. Daniel explains, “A lot of times you don’t need a broker or even the buyer’s contact to submit to a retailer – you can do it online. We’ve provided as many direct submission links as we could find. For some retailers like Publix or Whole Foods, you’ll be submitting the same way a broker would.”

The Retail Sales Tracker was created with the help of a slew of industry experts — the Cultivate CPG team added their insider tips on each account directly in the tool — and has been beta tested by fellow Startup CPG brands.  Pierre Jamet, one of our beta-testers and Head of Sales at Fishwife, says, “This tool will save you hours of unnecessary research and will jumpstart your journey of selling your brand to the right accounts.” Amy Cohn, another beta-tester and the founder of Joyland Inc., gives her endorsement as well: “This is a simple tool, which makes it all the more useful to helping us track our target retailers, buyers and more importantly make sure we’re focused on the right retailers in our DC’s. It’s great for the whole team.”

Matt Merson, a 30 year veteran CPG Sales leader who has scaled several emerging, disruptive brands, also provided invaluable input on the tool. Merson says, “Daniel and the team at Startup CPG has compiled perhaps the single most important sales tool for any emerging brand. Their free CRM tool allows sales leaders to track, assign and manage their broker support and internal teams while adding the flexibility to manipulate the data and assign responsibility. This tool will save brands thousands of dollars and people hours, and will allow brands to sequence their go to market retail strategy.”

Aaron Barnholt of Cultivate CPG shares Merson’s enthusiasm for the new tool, stating, “The Retail Tracker is an incredible tool that compiles the most meaningful retailer data into one location. With the retail tracker, brands can have a one stop shop for tracking their sales efforts, referencing key contacts by customer, as well as planning for upcoming opportunities. The tracker was built with brands in mind, allowing them to customize their tracker to benefit their needs. This is the most comprehensive account overview tracker of its kind.”

How can brands use Retail Sales Tracker?

Brands can use our master list to identify and target retailers that align with their goals as they grow their brand. Barnholt suggests brands use the tracker to “create lists of targeted retailers for year 1, year 2, and year 3, and then focus on winning the accounts within each year and stage of building your brand.”

The tracker also includes basic CRM functionality, meaning you can use it to manage your team’s work. Establish which accounts are priority for you, and refer to the tracker when you review the status of your accounts with each team member. The spreadsheet is NOT one size fits all. You may need to add, remove, delete, and make it your own.

We are SO excited to release this tool, and we cannot wait to see how the brands in our community use it. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out via Slack.

Powered by Cultivate CPG

Cultivate CPG specializes in scaling emerging CPG brands nationally in the grocery channel. They are dedicated to guiding founders in their quest to increase distribution and sales. Their team is uniquely put together – blending talent, a passion to win and have fun while we are doing it, and are experts in retail, distribution, and brand building.

How to access the database?

The list is available for free, along with Startup CPG’s other resource lists:

Access the database here

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