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Startup CPG x RangeMe

Startup CPG Teams Up With RangeMe to Help Emerging Brands Connect With Retail Buyers

Startup CPG and RangeMe have teamed up to enhance product discovery and deliver best practices education for suppliers and brands in CPG. By combining RangeMe’s cutting-edge platform with Startup CPG’s expertise and network of emerging brands, the partnership will provide brands with the tools, connections, knowledge and support they need to efficiently and effectively get their products in front of the right retail buyers.

Startup CPG members will have the opportunity to showcase their products in RangeMe’s Startup CPG Collection, a dedicated section of the platform that makes it easy for buyers to find products that meet their category needs.

They will also receive exclusive discounted rates for a special RangeMe Premium membership offer, which – in addition to providing added exposure to buyers – includes three face-to-face meetings with buyers in their category via ECRM’s virtual or in-person sessions, providing an exciting opportunity for suppliers to elevate their exposure and connect directly with top retailers.


How RangeMe Works

RangeMe is a product discovery platform used by retail buyers to source new products for their retail stores. Suppliers can create free product profiles that detail all the key information buyers need to know when considering your product.
Once you have completed your first product listing and it has been approved, RangeMe matches you with retail buyers looking for new products in your Category. These buyers have the option to express interest in your product by connecting within RangeMe Messaging or requesting a sample from their buyer dashboard when viewing your product cards, or your brand page. Buyers also have the option of saving your brand or products to review at a later time.
As part of the Premium membership, you have access to Category review schedules to find out when retail buyers will be looking for products like yours! You will also be able to submit to select retailers who have opted for open submissions. You can subscribe or request more information about RangeMe Premium here.
Note: Please be aware that you will not be able to see who has viewed or saved your products until that buyer has indicated that they are interested in your product.


The Breakdown

  • Option 1: Discounted rate for RangeMe Premium membership of $999 (instead of $1399) for added exposure to buyers and the opportunity to be RangeMe Verified – which lets buyers know they are “retail-ready.”
  • Option 2: A brand new offer for $1199 that adds three face-to-face meetings with buyers in your category via ECRM’s virtual or in-person sessions.
  • Both eligible to showcase products curated by our team for RangeMe’s Startup CPG Collection

It’s time to get your product in front of retailers.


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