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The Startup CPG Section at Summer Fancy Foods

This year, we have the first dedicated Startup CPG Pavilion at Fancy Food Show in the Debut District area, and we are so excited to feature 20 amazing up-and-comer CPG brands, with more than half female founded and over a third minority-owned.

We are so proud to partner with Specialty Food Association to offer brands access to entry-level tabletops at a discounted rate, allowing many to exhibit who might not otherwise be able to afford it. What’s more, this year, we’ve partnered with Settle to offer one FREE booth to a female-founded brand (Congrats to the winner, Better Sour!!).

In our section, we’ll also be inviting a handful of retailers for buyer meet-ups and quick pitches at our booth (so far we’ve confirmed Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Earth Fare, Central Market, Northwest Grocer and Village Supermarkets), to sign up check out the announcements channel in our Slack community.


We cannot wait for you all to meet the CPG innovators in our section, and we’ll see you at the show!

Curious about who will be in our section? Meet the brands below.

Growee Foods

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, award-winning Growee Foods focuses on simplifying plant-based eating by celebrating plant-first foods. Their indulgent all-occasion dips and spreads are crafted with a homestyle appeal, using vegetables, sunflower seeds and a global pantry of premium spices. We embrace a rustic, toothsome texture that enlivens both hot and cold dishes, adding spark to appetizers and soul to center plate. And of course, delicious straight from the spoon!

Bear Maple

Bear Maple’s mission is to craft innovative, functional beverages that help nourish both the body and mind while fostering a sustainable future for the planet. Its functional sparkling ginseng beverages are crafted with high-quality ginseng, naturally sweetened with maple water, and are caffeine free. Bear Maple is 1% for the Planet certified, meaning the company gives 1% of its annual sales directly to vetted environmental partners.


At BUBLUV, we’re on a mission to make people happier and healthier with the first ready-to-drink low-sugar, low-calorie bubble tea. Less than 1g sugar, 20-50 calories, and no artificial ingredients. Proudly woman and minority owned.


“Oishii” means Delicious in Japanese.  With the world’s largest indoor vertical strawberry farm, Oishii is striving to change the produce industry and raise the standard of fresh fruit in America.  Oishii Berries are incredibly fresh, perfectly ripe and always in season!

Heart & Seoul Food Co.

Heart & Seoul Food Co. makes delicious foods rooted in culture to nourish your body, maximize the animal harvest, and restore healthy soils. Their mission is to build a climate-positive food system by supporting regional farms and processing, promoting regenerative agriculture, and upcycling the overlooked parts of the animal. Their flagship product is an award-winning Korean bone broth that’s versatile enough to sip on its own, elevate any recipe, or incorporate into creative cocktails and lattes – yes, you read that right: you can make delicious cocktails and lattes with their broth!

Capitana by Lorenza

Capitana by Lorenza Capitana by Lorenza strives to bring you the very essence of Mexican cuisine with their unique handcrafted chili crunch varieties.  Infused with a symphony of robust flavors, derived from wholesome, all natural ingredients, these offerings elevate any dish, embracing the philosophy that life is too short to eat boring food.

I Eat My Greens

At I Eat My Greens, their goal is to change how we think about healthy eating. We believe food should taste good and be good for you too, hitting that perfect spot where deliciousness meets nutrition. Enjoy our chef-crafted, veggie-based soups that embody this belief with every spoonful. We blend local, sustainable ingredients with skillful cooking to create soups that are full of flavor and goodness. Embrace the joy of eating well, one tasty bowl at a time.


BARIS is on a mission to create conscious frozen treats by handpicking the finest Patagonian raspberries, coating them in exquisite chocolate, and focusing on meticulous craftsmanship, all to enhance everyday moments with premium and delicious bites. Every chocolate covered bite is a journey to the region’s beauty, supporting its biodiversity and community.


S’NOODS is the first chef-driven, globally-inspired noodle chip brand founded by Lauryn Bodden that officially launched in February 2024, bringing creativity and nostalgia back into the snack aisle via its three delicious bold flavors (Cavatappi Carbonara, Rigatoni Basil Pomodoro, Spicy Miso Ramen).


At IrieVeda they empathize with the challenges of managing dietary restrictions, especially concerning allergies and sensitivities. That’s why they’ve carefully crafted collections of mindful spice blends inspired by Ayurvedic principles. With their blends, you can savor flavorful meals worry-free.

They are firm believers that clean eating can still be delicious and diverse. Their culturally influenced spice blends are not only flavorful but also Certified Gluten Free, Certified FODMAP friendly, free from the top 23 allergens, salt-free, sugar-free and handcrafted with organic fair trade spices.  They are passionate about the power of clean eating and the transformative impact that even the smallest ingredients can have on our health and wellness.

Ceybon AF

Ceybon AF  serves up ready-to-drink wellness cocktails from locally grown, sustainably sourced, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Alcohol-free, adaptogenic mushroom and botanical- infused aperitifs, they are the solution for what to drink when you’re not drinking

but you still want to feel like a grownup and have fun. Woman owned and nurtured since 2020. Do something good for yourself and the world. Drink Ceybon AF. Psst! AF = alcohol-free.

Farmer Foodie

Farmer Foodie makes dairy free living attainable and desirable by providing deliciously healthy Cashew Parm products that are shelf stable, free from dairy and gluten, and have a positive social impact.


Freezcake‘s mission is to deliver the joy of cheesecake anytime, anywhere with their innovative freeze-dried crunchy bites, ensuring everyone can savor delicious moments on the move.


When you need a spark of energy to conquer your day, you deserve an all natural beverage that supports your lifestyle. Huxley offers a refreshingly balanced solution. Powered by 90mg of plant-based caffeine from Cascara Superfruit, each can delivers as much energy as one cup of coffee. It’s blended with real fruit juice and only 5g of organic cane sugar, proving you don’t have to compromise flavor for health. Huxley delivers functional benefits too, with the addition of 100mg of electrolytes for hydration and 75mg of L-theanine to help reduce caffeine crash and enhance focus. Fuel your adventure with a sustainable drink that empowers you to reach your peak naturally.

The Chai Box

The Chai Box’s mission is to bring the rich tradition of Chai Making to everyone’s home through the ethical sourcing of single-origin spices, a focus on sustainability, and by honoring their culture and heritage with blends inspired by different regions in India.


Loopoini embarked on a near-impossible mission: to craft a frozen pizza that’s both healthy and authentically Italian (yes, they’re that kind of picky!). They started with crafting the ideal nutrition facts, then experimented with various ancient superfood ingredients until they found the holy grail. Finally, they partnered with the 2024 World Pizza Champion to reach perfection. Thus, Loopini was born—the best pizza ever, made healthy from an ancient superfood, ready to change the frozen pizza game forever

Fresh Fizz Sodas

Fresh Fizz Sodas is a family owned and operated business offering simple sodas with real ingredients. Fresh Fizz Sodas are crafted with natural juices, fresh herbs, and spices, and only use natural sweeteners such as honey and date syrup. Their organic sodas come in a range of flavors, including hibiscus ginger ale and date cola, and they recently won a SOFI Gold Award from the Specialty Food Association.

Bare Life

Bare Life reimagines nostalgic foods by ditching unnecessary “ingredients” like preservatives and fillers to create organic, plant based and gluten free versions of foods you already know and love! Starting with their deliciously rich and award winning dairy free hot chocolates and frozen hot chocolate.

PLUS the winners of the Settle x Startup CPG giveaway

Joining the brands above, we are proud to include one more female-founded brand via our partnership with Settle.  As part of their commitment to supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs in the CPG industry, Settle partnered with Startup CPG to sponsor a special giveaway to cover the booth cost for two brands, who will be placed in the Startup CPG Section at Expo West. This year, our winner is Better Sour, which you can learn more about below.

Better Sour

Better Sour is an award-winning globally-inspired sour gummy candy brand celebrating tart fruit flavors from the Asia Pacific and Middle East, founded by lifelong Iranian American best friends who were born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands. Each bag of Better Sour is 100% plant-based, contains only 60 calories and three grams of sugar, and is made thoughtfully with natural ingredients that are free from sugar alcohols, artificial colors, or flavoring. Their award-winning candy company is proudly WBENC-certified and minority-owned, found in over 1,500 retail doors across the country. Follow along @eatbettersour and learn more at www.bettersour.com.

Visit the Startup CPG Booth, too!

Startup CPG is the biggest CPG community on the planet with over 16k members. We believe in the massive potential of small consumer brands — and have made it our mission to empower them along their journey. Startup CPG connects emerging brands to resources, industry partners, and the most supportive community in the industry.

Through our online community on Slack, our in-person events, and our media and resources — podcast, magazine, webinars, and more — Startup CPG brings major opportunities to emerging brands at NO COST.

We’re excited to meet you at the show!

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