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Startup CPG announces
$2,500 in COVID revenue grants

This October, Startup CPG will award $2,500 in revenue grants to COVID-impacted business, buying product from them at full price to then donate to foodbanks

Startup CPG is here to support emerging brands with community, resources, and opportunities, but we also know that money talks, or more specifically, sales. While sales of food and beverage grew $12B vs prior year, we’re still hearing about the challenges for small brands starting up – distributors focused on existing brands, buyers hesitating on resets, and supply chain issues that can freeze out small brands. Our last microgrant program completed in August awarded 5 microgrants to BIPOC founders, and provided over 1,000 servings of food to our food bank partner.

COVID Revenue Grants

Over the month of October, Startup CPG will award 5 revenue grants, totaling $2,500, to provide small but important support to emerging brands to whom a revenue injection can be vitally important to show momentum and churn through inventory.
Brands that would be a good fit are those that have been adversely impacted by COVID, and have a nutritious food product that is shelf-stable, and a good fit for a foodbank that gives out packaged food to those in need.

How to apply

Please email your interest by Oct 31, 2021 to microgrants@startupcpg.com:
1) A one-sentence description and image of your brand
2) The item & quantity that you would provide for $500, delivered (to our food donation partner, Food Bank for Monterey County, Salinas, CA 93907, and paid by Startup CPG via credit card, inclusive of fee)
3) How you’ve been impacted by COVID (max. 50 word)
*must be a member of the Startup CPG Slack to apply. No software required

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