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SINCE 2019

Small brands get access to
free data from Startup CPG + NielsenIQ

Amazing news for Startup CPG members: Our exclusive data partnership with NielsenIQ includes access to Byzzer, a simplified data solution designed to empower small brands.

The retail insights you need -without the huge budget or army of analysts.

Data is currency. Anyone who has been to a buyer meeting knows that. For too long, big CPGs have had the competitive advantage, with big budgets and armies of analysts that bury the growth stories of today’s emerging brands.

Enter Byzzer, powered by NielsenIQ: The efficient and effective data solution to fit your small business budget. Run simple reports to help you translate your NielsenIQ data into insights you can act on – all in a user-friendly platform powered by NielsenIQ’s market data (including Whole Foods!).

Take your retail data fate into your own hands with Byzzer:

1) Easy-to-use: no dedicated analyst or special training required
2) Affordable: Annual plans (120 reports!) at a price that makes sense for your small business
3) Customizable: Choose just the reports you need
4) Self-serve: Purchase what you want on the spot. No need to wait for lengthy contract discussions or bids
5) Presentation-ready reports: Run a report and drop it straight into your buyer presentation

How can Startup CPG brands get free access?

Brands using Startup CPG’s custom Byzzer link will get free access to 3 reports. Pick the brand/category you’re interested in, and immediately pull the data you need to make the impact you want.

(Pro tip – sign up for weekly alerts to get WEEKLY free data insights direct to your inbox.)

Run reports like:

Brand Ranking

Distribution Landscape

Price Comparison vs the Category

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