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Applications for the Fourth Annual Shelfies Awards are Opening Soon
Here is everything you need to know

For the past three years, Startup CPG has conducted the first and only awards program specifically for emerging CPG brands: The Shelfies Awards. Our goal is to give exceptional small CPG brands the recognition they deserve, and the Shelfies eliminate the typical hurdles involved in awards applications, creating opportunities for brands in their earliest stages. 

The Shelfies recognize and celebrate the next-level innovations, the stories that inspire us, and the packaging that stops us in our tracks — we can’t WAIT to see what you’ve created this year.

How do I apply?

We’re accepting product samples by category. Each category has a respective month for sample submission, starting on February 1st (see graphic below). Please take note of your category’s month and make sure to prepare your samples accordingly. For the first time, we are also accepting submissions from household brands. If we receive enough household applications, we will launch a new Shelfie category for it. We cannot wait to highlight emerging CPG brands across every category. 

To submit your product to the Shelfies, make sure to do so during the designated month (see above) for your product category and follow these steps:

  1. Take 10 minutes to fill out our brand database form — please fill out the form during your category’s month.  
  2. Set a reminder on your calendar to send samples during your category’s respective month.  
  3. When your category’s month arrives, fill out the form and ship product samples (no more than 3 SKUs) to three locations, found at the end of the form, to share with our Shelfies judges. We will accept samples from the first through the last day of each month. 
  4. Stay tuned (aka, check your email + the Startup CPG Slack channel) for more information on our award ceremony in September 2024.

You don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your emerging brand into the next big thing.

To learn more about the 2024 Shelfie Awards, including what you will win and who the judges are, check out our guide here.

And if you have any issues with scheduling your samples to arrive within the assigned month, please email community@startupcpg.com 

The Shelfies Award 2024 is powered by Social Nature

Social Nature is a B Corp certified company with a mission to get more clean and natural products on grocery shelves and into people’s cupboards.Every day, Social Nature introduces new better-for-you products to their community of 1M shoppers to try for free, in exchange for a product review and insights.Social Nature has helped over 500 natural brands get discovered on the grocery shelf! 

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