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Erin Fasano is the Managing Editor at Startup CPG and the Co-Founder of Starryside, a brand on a mission to save kids’ creativity through more inventive drinks & snacks. For our exclusive RangeMe discount, click here and make sure you’re a member of our Slack community.



What is RangeMe?

RangeMe describes itself “RangeMe is the leading product discovery, sourcing, and purchasing platform where retailers and suppliers discover, connect, and grow their business.” But in plain language, its an online hub where you can create virtual listings for your products, that enables discovery by retailers. Additionally, you can use RangeMe to submit for various open calls and line reviews at a wide range (pun intended!) of retailers.

Will RangeMe get my brand on a retail shelf?

RangeMe allows your products to become more discoverable than if you were not using the platform, but it is not a guarantee. Retailers still need to discover your brand on the site, and then go through the (sometimes very long) process of reviewing your product. Some retailers are well-known to use RangeMe very well, others, its like a black hole – you can submit, but don’t expect a response. So, it is hit or miss, but some brands have had great success closing doors leveraging the platform.


How can I maximize RangeMe if I decide to make the investment?

Here are some tips & tricks to making the most out of it if you decide to move forward with a profile:

  • Make sure all your images are on a plain, white background. Simple is best here!
  •  Talk up all your product attributes under item details, what makes it DIFFERENT.
  •  Don’t give your “best” cost right away, but remember margin is King.
  • Don’t fudge the data. For example, if your company is only able to handle regional distribution at the moment, don’t select national availability.
  • The marketing tab is totally optional, but add secondary product images if you have them.
  • Last, but not least, add one product and wait for it to be approved by the RangeMe team before adding more. This way, you know exactly what to do moving forward!


How much does it cost?

RangeMe has a free version, but it is very limited in what you can do, and which retailers you can submit to. The regular package is a $1399 annual commitment, but members of the Startup CPG community can get an annual package for $999. For our exclusive discount, click here and make sure you’re a member of our Slack community.

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