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How to Level Up Your CPG Brand
with Great Content

Minisocial is a platform to support user generated content creation for CPG brands.

As a CPG brand, it can be hard to stand apart from the competition. But we’ve got the secret sauce: User Generated Content.

You may have heard the acronym UGC getting thrown around in marketing circles, but it’s not that complicated when you break it down. UGC can help your brand shine by showcasing your CPG goods in an authentic, real way. Imagine if you had dozens of real superfans posting about your product and sharing genuine commentary with their audience.

That’s exactly how UGC works.

But once you’ve grasped the concept of UGC – where do you start? How can you ensure you’re curating content that stands out? How can you foster UGC without already having a social media following?

We’ve got the answers, so let’s get into it.

Spotlight Oral Care x minisocial’s viral TikTok campaign

How UGC can help your brand stand out

User Generated Content hinges on the idea of real people sharing real content. It’s well-known within marketing that people trust people above brands, always. UGC is simply word of mouth, systematized.

Where brands can come off as harsh and ad-like on social, UGC feels like a friend telling you about their favorite things. There’s no better place to see the effects of UGC than on TikTok, where the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has garnered over 5 billion views and has led to product sell-outs for everything from candy to books to viral teeth whitening pens

Unlike your traditional polished ad campaigns, UGC is also very forgiving. This type of content hinges on the idea of raw imagery and true excitement. Real people don’t have elaborate filming studios or fancy cameras, which is why the best UGC is often made with a smartphone and a solid dose of creativity.

Pro tip: send creators to your latest retailer to pick up some product and showcase it on store shelves!

How to source UGC without a massive social media following

Finding UGC for your brand can feel stressful. Where do you even start?

Many brands can source UGC by encouraging audiences to use branded hashtags or tag your account. This could look like adding your social media handle to your packaging or adding a postcard into your packaging to explain how you want people to share your product on social media.

These in-house campaigns often take off when the brand is consistent and committed to growing social media content. But what if you need the content to be licensed in order to plug it in on your end? Or you don’t already have a huge social media following in order to run a full-scale UGC campaign in-house?

That’s where a platform like minisocial comes in. We help CPG brands across verticals connect with micro-influencer, creators who know how to make effective, high-quality content. The kind of content that would make you want to run to buy a product.

We deal with all the legal details, so you get a fully-licensed library of assets whenever you run a campaign with us. No headaches here.

What makes a successful CPG UGC campaign?

Acronyms, clearly. Kidding.

We’ve gained the trust of our micro influencer creators so we know they’ll deliver high-quality work that’s best for your business. Our micro influencers are all content creators who have built a personal and highly engaged following in the 1-10k follower range.

Our creators produce ready-to-share assets to take the extra work out of your hands. Our past campaigns prove that our projects lead to content that brands go on to repurpose everywhere from Facebook ads to email marketing, and beyond!

The best campaigns are made with the right creators. With a highly curated database and invite-only campaigns, we work hard to match each brand with the right micro influencers who create content that’s most aligned with the space you operate within.

The first step is our brief builder which helps you put together a solid creative brief to share with the creators, once that’s submitted we get to matchmaking. We handle the back-and-forth correspondence and expectation setting with our creators to ensure you get the assets you need without having to learn the ins and outs of UGC and influencer marketing.

In short, you don’t need to know everything about content to have great content. Sometimes all it takes is a solid team and trust in your creators. Looking for that solid team and those great creators? We’re here to help.

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