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Emily’s Foods:
Trust the Process & Keep It Moving

Erin Fasano is the Managing Editor of the Startup CPG Spotlight. She sat down with Emily Edwards, the Founder of Emily’s Foods, after Edwards’ presentation in the Startup CPG Pitch II program won her a feature in the Spotlight.

Emily’s Foods offers the world’s only organic, sweet plant based protein icings/dips and on the go snacks. Paradise Icing & Snax are better for you, satisfying natural, health, taste and indulgence.

It all started in 2015.

Back in 2015, Edwards was on a weight loss journey, scouring the grocery store for snacks and treats that were low enough in sugar to meet her dieting needs. Not finding much that was both tasty and low sugar, Edwards started playing around with whey protein and developed her first recipe – a muffin. Always tinkering and learning in her spare time, in 2018, Edwards made the decision to sell her private social work business and focus full time on Emily’s Foods and her big goal – to develop a frosting.

When she first started on the frosting, she struggled to find a protein that didn’t taste like dirt, but began to work with the Purdue Food Science Department, at Purdue University in Indiana, her home state. It was here that she developed two flavors, Chocolate, Caramel Sea Salt Vanilla. These sweet, plant based icings contain pea protein and can be used for cakes and muffins, but also in more unique ways, like as a coffee creamer.

Recently, she was one of eight inductees to the Society of Innovators for her breakthrough product. She’s passionate about keeping her product clean, simple, and unprocessed.

What’s Next for Edwards & Emily’s Foods?

In the near term, Edwards is working on new flavors for her original icing line, with a Strawberry flavor nearly ready. She’s currently packing every unit herself from a commercial kitchen, but soon may need to partner with a co-manufacturer as demand continues to grow. Many retailers in her community are interested in her line of products, and she’s recently closed a deal with the LA-based GTFO Vegan. Edwards dreams of seeing her product in Target one day, she “feels at home there” and as a shopper herself, really feels that the Target guest would love her product. On every visit to her Target store, she’s checking out the new products, and loves the “cool little things they have there.” One day, she hopes to be one of those things.

Edwards also would love to build a partnership with a cake brand, like Dunkin Hines or Kellogg, brands who might be interested in her delicious and plant-based frosting for some of their cake products.

Final Thoughts

Edwards says, “being a black woman entrepreneur and formal social worker, I am always analyzing things,” especially when looking for new opportunities and searching for signals that the next thing could be right around the corner. For new founders, she offers encouragement and advice, “you need patience, endurance, and faith in yourself and your product.” As she always says, “Trust the Process & Keep It Moving.”

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