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9 Emerging Brands to
Hand out this Halloween

For Halloween, ditch the Reeses and Snickers Bars and check out these nine emerging brands from our Startup CPG community instead.


Datebetter offers a healthy alternative to your traditional sugar-laden Halloween candy. Datebetter begins with nature’s candy, the Medjool date. They stuff each date with fresh-ground nut butter and finish it off with a coat of 85% organic chocolate. With less than 1g added sugar, Datebetter is like a mini candy bar without the sugar-crash that so often follows and with the added nutritional benefits of medjool dates. Datebetter offers four flavors — Cashew Lime Crisp, Peanut Butter Crunch, Almond Java Crunch, and Datebetter x Cravers Hazelnut — to satisfy every trick-or-treaters tastebuds.

Purchase on their website.


TiDBiTS is a better-for-you low sugar gummy candy brand that is proudly mother-founded and led. Co-founders Kristi and David grew up enjoying candy, binging on the sugary classic brands and then crashing from an overload of sugar and processed ingredients. As adults, however, they struggled to find a healthier candy option that had the same nostalgia and addictive quality but was something they could share with their children. So they decided to create their own. After extensive trial and error, they launched TiDBiTS gummies, which are made with prebiotics and real fruit juice and contain only 4g of sugar.

Find them on Amazon.

Better Sour

Better Sour is reinvigorating the gummy candy category with globally-inspired sour flavors, using better-for-you-ingredients. Their 100% plant-based gummy candy celebrates sour flavors from the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific, like calamansi, guava and pomegranate. Free from sugar alcohols, artificial colors and flavors, one bag of Better Sour gummies is only 60 calories and contains just 3g sugar. Since launching, Better Sour has quickly become a top-selling SKU in some of their first accounts. You can find Better Sour at Erewhon, Foxtrot, Pop-Up Grocer, Fairway Market, Gourmet Garage, Lassen’s – and they are soon launching in Central Market, Town & Country, and select Kroger and United Supermarket stores.

You can also find Better Sour on their website and on Amazon.


Sweetness takes the prep, mess and chaos out of cookie decorating with their sugar cookie coloring kits. This year, Sweetness launched a Halloween kit that provides kids the chance to take their Halloween sweets into their own hands. It offers 6 signature iced sugar cookies printed with a unique, edible design, and includes 5 mini food coloring markers for kids to decorate the cookies to their hearts content. It is the ultimate ‘Snacktivity,’ motivating kids to unleash their self expression by simply playing with their food.

Order online or in select retail locations across Canada.


Sugar dominates the snacking industry, but Krack’d, an artisan snack company offering sweet and savory delights with high fiber and zero added sugar, is here to change that. Using only real, organic ingredients, they’ve elevated customer’s favorite treats without the sugar or dairy so people can feel happy indulging in them. For your Halloween festivities this year, Krack’d is offering two treats with distinctly fall flavors: Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch and ButterScotch Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch.

You can purchase Krack’d on their website and in select retail locations in America.

Saturday Sweets

Saturday Sweets is sharing a deep Swedish tradition to a consumer base that appreciates and deserves higher quality candy. Every Saturday in Sweden, a tradition called Lördagsgodis takes place where children and adults rush to purchase candy from pick-n-mix displays at grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. Lördagsgodis, which translates to Saturday Candy, explains how Sweden became notorious for having the best quality candy. Swedish people eat about 35 pounds of candy a year, which is the highest per capita in the world. As a result, the quality of their candy and ingredients are unmatched. Saturday Sweets is uniquely crafted using authentic Swedish recipes without high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, or trans fat, and they believe in using the best possible ingredients to deliver a flavor experience you have to taste to believe.

They currently have three SKUs — Mini Dummies, Minimelons, and Rainbow Rolls — and you can purchase them online.


Whims makes chocolate treats that allow you to indulge without compromise. They believe that if something is “better for you” but you won’t eat it, then it’s not really better for you. Good for you goes beyond health; it’s about enjoying freely—especially when it comes to fun things like chocolate, cookies, and caramel. To WHIMS, “better for you” means you can indulge in everything, while sacrificing nothing. WHIMS’ plant-based PB cup is everything customers love about the original, except without the dairy and only 1g of sugar. Made with oat milk chocolate, they are creamy, fluffy, and salty, with just the right amount of sweet.

Check out Whims on Amazon.

Trupo Treats

Trupo Treats is better-for-you, creamy and delicious vegan milk chocolate brand using ethical and sustainable practices. Their indulgent 100% vegan wafer bars are gluten-free, soy-free, and palm oil free and yet they taste exactly like those wafer candy bars so many of us ate as children — delicious peanut butter cream is layered between crunchy wafers and covered with mylk chocolate that melts in your mouth. All of their products use 20% less sugar, all organic ingredients, and are totally non-GMO. Trupo Treats is passionate about spreading compassion for people, the planet, and animals by creating delicious and ethically made plant-based treats.

Buy Trupo Treats on Amazon.

Super Major

Super Major snacks is reimagining the m!lk chocolate bar with all of the flavor and none of the dairy. Their original chocolate bar is vegan, gluten-free, top 9 allergen friendly, and contains zero added sugar. Super Major also offers a Salted Caramel Crunch bar, which is filled with a combination of smooth Swiss chocolate and crunchy caramel bits. SuperMajor was created so you can indulge in your favorite chocolate snacks, without experiencing the stomach pain, acne or guilt that sometimes comes with dairy-based products.

Find Super Major on Amazon.

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