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Creating A
TikTok Strategy For Your Brand

Anne Sullivan is the Founder of No Revisions and The Creative Exchange, marketing services for startups that anyone can afford, and proud Startup CPG sponsor. Learn how to get started and create content that will resonate with your audience and brand on TikTok, the fastest growing social media plaftorm.

Are you a brand or someone who is trying to gain a larger presence on TikTok, but you don’t know where to start? Fear no more! Check out our guide on how to create a successful TikTok strategy is here.

Here are the core elements of creating a successful TikTok Strategy:
  • Define your North Star
  • Define Your Goals
  • Competitive Audit
  • Define your Opportunities
  • Content Approach
  • Content Creation Process
  • Posting Frequency
  • Community Management & Growth Tactics
Define your North Star

Your brand should already have a North Star (see here for definition) but you may want to tweak it a bit to be more fitting for the platform. Consider this: What should every single post (TikTok video) represent for our brand?

Define Your Goals

This may be one of the most important things to develop for any social media strategy – what are your goals? It’s important to be realistic about your goals (overall what you are tracking and the numbers you are looking to hit). TikTok can take time to work toward constant numbers (but you can also go viral – somewhat easily – overnight), and it’s more about video views than followers (and that should count for any influencer content you have floating around on there as well).

Competitive Audit

It’s always great to start with looking at your competitors. What competitors are actually using TikTok, which ones are posting consistently, what are their numbers, and what is their content approach?

Define your Opportunities

Understanding your North Star as well as what competitors are up to, it’s now time to determine how you can stay true to your brand while creating “innovative” content that will speak to the TikTok algorithm and your target audience.

Content Approach

Now, this is where the real ideas start coming in – what content are you actually going to post? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your unique perspective
  • Campaign Basis Content
  • Influencer Takeovers and utilizing their voice/topic
Content Creation Process

Who and how will content be created? It’s important to understand the flow and creators that will be contributing to your account. Here are a few options to consider:

  • TikTok Creators Marketplace: Creators Marketplace by TikTok combines all of your influencer marketing tools into one hub. TikTok’s marketplace allows users to collaborate with creators based on industry, budget, and goals. Tools on the platform include creator discovery to find influencers based on specific criteria, campaign management, and analytics reporting.
  • Billo: Billo allows users to get affordable, custom-made videos from creators on the platform.
  • No Revisions: Looking for high-quality custom videos for your TikTok page, but on a start-up budget? We offer a TikTok service using our group of creatives to create TikToks for your brand.
  • The Creative Exchange: Are you a CPG brand looking for custom content for your TikTok page? The Creative Exchange is a digital and social agency that is leading with strategy and executing through creative. Work with their in-house team or their Creative Crew to create dope content for your TikTok page.
  • Wonderkind: Wonderkind is a marketing and design studio built for socially native wellness brands.
  • Artisan Council: Artisan Council is a boutique marketing agency working with progressive brands. Artisan Council offers custom TikTok content creation that will help you communicate your brand messaging.
  • Palm: Palm is a micro-influencer creator agency, UGC studio, and a digital platform that matches brands with creators based on values and interests to create custom, highly-aligned content.
Posting Frequency

What is realistic for your brand? It’s recommended to post weekly, and more ideally daily. But remember, quality over quantity will always win (unless you are solely focused on trends and just looking for that viral video thrill).

Community Management & Growth Tactics

Once content is done and posted, think about what is next. What are the steps you will be taking to engage with your community, how much time is being put into that, what tactics are you using to grow? How will you track analytics and understand when to change your approach and tactics?

Not sure how to manage this on your own? Email us: hello@norevisions.co

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