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the Narrative

Tiffani Neal is the founder of Barlow’s Foods – Barlow’s Foods is a packaged foods company based in Atlanta Georgia. The company produces breakfast staples made with organic and whole ingredients.

An early childhood passion

My love for food began very early. I remember recreating recipes and cooking as early as eight years old. The idea of mixing and playing with ingredients to make wonderful meals that brought people together excited me early on.

As an adult my passion grew stronger. I would host friends over food, usually to great reviews, and I started to think of creating a food product from whole ingredients. To my surprise, many in my family were unaware of options when it came to whole quality ingredients.

How it began

Barlow’s Foods began in 2018 from the desire for better tasting staple food options. The company is named after my maternal grandfather. He was a farmer and spent most of his life dedicated to agriculture. Our mission is to bring families back to the table through great food that is better for you.

Bringing families back to the table

There has unfortunately been a trend of on the go instant food options. Those are convenient options but have taken us away from those nurturing moments around the table. Unfortunately events such as Covid have reminded us of the importance of time with family and the importance of home. We hope to change the narrative in getting families back to what’s important.

Inclusion in CPG

In addition to bringing families back to the table. Recent fall out with legacy CPG food brands has shone a light on a need for inclusion and culture sensitivity. We hope to be a part of filling that void.

Don’t eat different, eat better

With many consumers wanting to eat better, this becomes a balancing act of finding a solution that tastes great but with better ingredients. Barlow’s Foods Original pancake mix is made with 4 ingredients. Our primary ingredient is an organic, unbleached and unenriched flour. The taste is evident, customers appreciate that they can eat better without the compromise of taste or completely altering their diet.

Additional ingredients in our mix are pure cane sugar, Himalayan salt and baking powder. These are ingredients that have been regularly stocked in my pantry. Yet so few have had access or incorporated ingredients such as these into their diets. This has unfortunately been due to cost and/or accessibility.

Past, present and future

I hope to continue my grandfathers’ legacy. Barlow’s Foods original pancake mix is currently available in retail stores in and around the Atlanta Georgia area. Our mix is also available online at www.BarlowsFoods.com. Our goal is to be at the center of family meals and moments for generations to come.

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