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Boosting Retail Performance:
6 Ways Social Nature Supports Brands

Improve retail performance with Social Nature’s all-in-one shopper marketing solution. We do it all, so you don’t have to.

It’s a known fact that more than 70% of product launches fail within their first year. Whether it be a new listing, a new line extension, a new region, or a brand new line, the risks and cost of failure are high. Why do products fail?
Either no one knew about them in the first place (lack of awareness and trial), or they missed the mark with product quality (usually due to a lack of consumer input pre-launch).
Social Nature supports emerging natural CPG brands to launch successful products into the marketplace by solving the in-store discovery problem, helping make sure emerging brands stay on the shelf through targeted trial and repurchase incentives.
Social Nature ensures emerging brands get the right consumer feedback to inform future product marketing and innovation strategies. This is achieved through our community of 1M+ better-for-you product shoppers who want to share their opinions and try your product creations!

How does it work?

Social Nature uses online-to-offline marketing, a process that we pioneered 7 years ago..

O2O starts with building demand online, converting this demand to in-store foot traffic and sales, then capturing feedback from consumers post-purchase. You can leverage this data for future marketing and consumer advocacy initiatives.
The consumer is at the center of the journey, and there are multiple points to engage with them across the path to purchase.
The result is more targeted marketing, more predictable impact at retail, and the opportunity to build direct and fruitful relationships with consumers for greater lifetime value and ROI across sales channels.

We’ve written a free 50-page ebook on “How to do better product launches at retail” for natural brands, that you can download to learn more about how to do O2O on your own.
For those looking to gain traction at key retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart, Kroger, Target, HEB, Wegmans, and other key accounts in the US, Social Nature‘s O2O marketing and digital sampling program can help you win at retail in 6 key ways.


1. New retailer launch support

If you’ve just sold in a new listing and want to ensure you’ll move units off the shelf in a predictable amount of time, digital product sampling can make a real difference. Learn how Cool Beans sampled their products with qualified shoppers and drove real retail impact in their first year at Sprouts.

2. De-risk new product launches

Typically, a lot of money and energy goes into new product launches, and you have the most to lose if they don’t go well. Instead, you can get predictable new product trial rates and early market feedback to support your long-term success. Learn how Ocean’s Halo gained a 90% new product launch success rate with Social Nature’s digital sampling solution.

3. Regional product sampling campaigns

Are you looking to dominate or boost a key geographic region? You can leverage Social Nature’s geo-targeting technology to drive trial at critical stores in your key regions.
You’ll cut through the noise and ineffectiveness of geo-targeted social ads, or hard-to-scale field marketing. Instead, get people to walk right into the exact stores and try your products where they are sold.
Social Nature’s product sampling is unique as only qualified consumers get to try the products, minimizing marketing waste. Our 1M+ natural product-obsessed community members must already shop at your target stores and fit your target audience profile.

4. Generate verified product ratings and reviews for retailer scorecards

If you’re looking to open up 3rd party retail e-commerce, you’ll likely need a minimum set of 4-star and 5-star rating product reviews to syndicate to your retailer’s websites.
Use Social Nature to quickly generate targeted reviews at scale. Learn how Primal Kitchen leveraged consumer reviews to win its retailer scorecard.

5. Build retailer case studies to support buyer meetings

Uncover top drivers of your product sales, showcase purchase intent and social proof with retailer-specific shopper insights sourced from Social Nature’s digital sampling. Tailor these insights to support pitching buyers at top retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Wegmans, HEB, and more.

6. Consistent new consumer acquisition

Brands need to protect their market share and this requires a steady flow of new consumers. With Social Nature’s advanced targeting, you can ensure only brand-new consumers get into your marketing campaigns and spend your marketing dollars effectively. Learn how Alpha Foods achieved 20% post-promotional sales lift through new consumer acquisition using Social Nature.

Startup CPG members receive 20% off annual plan data & set-up fees.

Contact marketing@socialnature.com to set up a strategy call with our team.

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