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SINCE 2019

Beginning of the
Golden Journey

Laure Lemboumba is the Founder & CEO of Golden Made Kafé. Golden Made Kafé is a small coffee business based in Southeast Texas, with headquarters in Houston. For more than five years, Golden Made Kafé has been developing exclusive blends inspired by American, French, and African recipes. The company, which has a subdivision in Gabon, works with producers and importers from South and Central America.

My name is Laure Lemboumba, originally from Gabon in Central Africa, fell in love with coffee about a decade ago. I moved to France at a young age with my family, where I then attended the University of Technology in Roanne, France. I earned my degree in Technology in Industrial Logistics, Quality, and Organization and was awarded the Young Creator of a National Production Unit in 2007.

Due to my business ambition, I decided to broaden my skills by adding international market language, English. So, I moved to Houston, Texas to further my education. In 2014, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Houston-Downtown.

From Passion To Golden Coffee Cup

My passion for coffee began when I started to work for a coffee manufacturing plant in Houston about nine years ago. At that time, I was not a coffee drinker at all. But seeing what it took to get a single cup of coffee, I realized I wanted to be a major part of it.

Therefore, I launched Golden Made Kafé in 2019 after two years of working on new concepts and blend profiles. The big, differentiating idea was to develop a great product that will enrich consumers’ day while satisfying any type of palate, all day long. We developed a wide range of premium and flavored ground coffees packed in various packaging types, to meet any consumer need. The coffees are so smooth tasting, there is no need to add sugar and creamer! Additionally, with no side affects such as insomnia or fast heart rate, our products are appealing even to non-coffee drinkers.

The Concept Behind A Golden Coffee Cup

When I used to work for the coffee plant, I really enjoyed the work environment: you can literally see how the team comes together to accomplish an ultimate goal – great coffee. This concept talks to me… that there is an unique story behind each cup of coffee.

That unique story could be based on diversity, culture, quality, and exchange. At the end of the day, we are happy after drinking our universal Golden coffee cup.

In addition, I feel like I have a particular connection with coffee: I was born in Africa, raised in France, and am living in USA. Culture is gold so is Golden Made Kafé!!!

Through The Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, I had to change my business model to sell our products to direct consumers and local supermarkets. Our potential customers can find our products on Amazon, Walmart.com, and other online marketplaces.

Our Gross Margins are about 44 percent of our revenue. In the beginning, your margins will be quite impressive because your company does not have a large workforce and other substantial overhead expenses. This is why as a sole entrepreneur you need to evaluate carefully your pricing that your customers are willing to pay and you will be able to make profits.

We invest a lot on digital marketing to drive more traffic towards our website and we use email marketing to keep contacts with our customers. We are also participating to many trade shows, sampling programs, business events to increase our company visibility.

Thanks to our sales team, we have opportunities to expand our business and sell our coffee products in other states. Also, we will launch specialty coffee products very soon. These specialty coffee products are made with a mix of green beans from West Africa.

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