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Announcing the
Startup CPG Section at Expo East

Startup CPG is thrilled to present our first-ever dedicated section at New Hope Network’s Expo East, featuring 18 first-time Expo East exhibitors.

We’re bringing the startup spirit with us to Expo East. For the very first time, Startup CPG will have a dedicated area at the Expo East Trade Show in Philadelphia.

These incredibly diverse brands are all first-timers at Expo East, and were selected from a large number of applicants.

The Startup CPG section will be located in the Innovation Experience area on the right side of the floor plan, near the Innov Exp Stage & Conference Seating (red circle in the image below).

We’re thrilled to reveal the incredible brands that will be owning the scene in our section.

Meet the 18 brands in Startup CPG’s Section:


Planet Bake #IE500
Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, kosher, soy-free packaged donuts.

Must Love #IE501
Not your mother’s cookies – frosted animal crackers with no added sugar and 100% plant based.

Bundle x Joy #IE502
Delivering superfood pet nutrition across food, treats, supplements and supplies. We’re all about chasing joy with our pets, and building a community of real pet people along the way.

Cocktail Kits 2 Go #IE503
Beverage kits including custom flavors.

hey freya #IE504
Naturopathic products and health tests delivered straight to women’s doorsteps.

TiDBiTS Candy #IE505
TiDBiTS is a low-sugar gummy candy with only 4g of sugar and 60 calories. Formulated with beneficial ingredients like prebiotic fiber and real fruit juices, these gummies pack a punch on flavor. TiDBiTS is free from corn syrup, sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners and colors. Just the good stuff, none of the bad!

Absurd Snacks #IE510
High protein, low sugar, flavor-packed trail mixes completely free of the top-9 food allergens. Sweet, salty, irresistibly crunchy goodness in every bite with 7g of protein, 5g of fiber, and only 5g of natural sugar. Absurd Snacks makes it easier to snack better, together.

Joydays #IE511
Deliciously balanced, blood sugar friendly snacks. Re-inventing the nostalgic taste that you remember, with a low glycemic twist. Developed with top dietitians, doctors and chefs, the cookies are low in sugar, good source of fiber and no sugar alcohols to sustain your energy. The woman-owned business donates a portion of sales to Insulin for LIfe USA and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Treehouse Naturals #IE512
Nutty since 2015, we make pecanmilk — the next generation of conscious, plant-based hydration, in a can. Made with the Supernut.

Hazelicious #IE513
In case it isn’t obvious, we have a thing for hazelnuts. Our goal? Make the most delicious hazelnut products in the most sustainable way.

Growee Foods #IE514
Garden-fresh veggies, peak-season fruits and hearty seeds take center stage at Growee Foods, where their flagship collection of creamy, homestyle dips celebrate everyday indulgence with real, nourishing plants. Crafted with vibrant spices, each bold and balanced dip is naturally vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut free and comes with zero artificial ingredients. Founded in 2022, the Georgia based brand is proud to be a minority-owned small business.

Vitaminis #IE515
Vitaminis makes convenient, portable functional juice shots for Immune Support and Gut Health, with no added sugar, mystery ingredients or strong flavors. Our Immune Support shot has as much Vitamin C as 3 oranges, as much Zinc as 4 avocados and as much Magnesium as 5 cups of spinach, and our Gut Health shot has as much fiber as 1 cup of broccoli and as much probiotics as 2 cups of yogurt. Our shots are gluten free, non-GMO, 100% vegan with no refrigeration required!

Moment #IE516
Starting off with a movement during COVID to support mental wellness, Moment is a natural botanical based beverage that boosts your mood, reduces stress and enhances focus. There is no added sugar, no preservatives, just fun delic flavors and good-for-you adaptogens. Moment is woman and minority owned and certified, and shares 1% of all sales with mental health non-profits.

Makers of consciously crafted, plant powered, holistic hydration inspired by one of nature’s most nutrient dense and climate friendly plants – moringa oleifera. Each can combines the benefits of apple cider vinegar with the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and amino acids found in moringa for a take on everyday hydration that contains no added sugar, sugar alcohols, sugar substitutes or natural flavors.

Better Sour #IE518
Globally-inspired sour gummy candy that’s plant-based & low sugar, founded by lifelong Iranian-American best friends who were born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands. Made with natural ingredients, each bag has just 60 cal/3g sugar, celebrating sour fruit flavors from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Proudly WBENC certified and minority-owned.

Halmi #IE519
Halmi (a loving nickname for “grandma” in Korean) is a brand of light sparkling beverages inspired by traditional Korean flavors. Made with real fruits and spices, vegan, gluten free, and a minority and woman-owned business.

Undressed #IE520
Grains, greens, almonds, vegetables, and fruit combined with killer salad dressings equate to an unforgettable savory snacking experience. Undressed Salad Bars. Because you couldn’t put a salad in your pocket – until now.

A chef-driven, gluten-free noodle snack inspired by global cuisines that puts emphasis on the way consumers think about upcycled foods. S’NOODS is more than a snack, it’s an experience.

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