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13 Black Owned Brands to Celebrate Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re highlighting 13 Black-owned CPG brands in our community that you should be paying attention to. These CPG rockstars are bringing next-level innovation to the industry, and if they’re not already on your brands-to-watch list, they should be now.

1. Uncharted Coffee Supply

Uncharted Coffee is an e-commerce roaster that distributes small-batch, limited-edition, high-quality coffee beans while disrupting the coffee industry. As an ethical coffee roaster, Uncharted Coffee produces rare and limited-edition coffee beans, all while being on a mission to decolonize coffee and reclaim the narrative for Black and Brown generational coffee farmers around the globe.

Purchase on their website.

2. Karité

Karité is a family-founded skincare brand rooted in the expertise of its dermatologist founder (Dr. Naana Boakye) and her two sisters. Karité uses raw, unrefined shea butter imported from Ghana to create their whipped, ultra-rich moisturizer that leaves your skin smooth, soft, and glowing.

Find Karité online!

3. Kokada

Kokada is a better-for-you sweet-snacking brand; their flagship line of refined-sugar-free, coconut-based spreads comes in multiple flavors, including the original, brownie, cinnamon toast, and mint chocolate. Kokada is a proud black-owned brand that draws inspiration from its cofounder’s favorite Jamaican candy.

Purchase Kokada here!

4. Gloria’s Shito

Gloria’s Shito is a specialty food brand bringing global recognition to the cuisines of West Africa. Gloria’s Shito Vegan Chili Oil is carefully crafted by selecting and blending hot peppers, ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes to capture a bloom of umami and spice. Drizzle it over butternut squash soup, pizza, eggs, or ramen for a kick of perfectly balanced heat.

Order on their website!

5. Whoomus Foods

Whoomus Foods is on a mission to bring its founder’s Egyptian family hummus recipe to American consumers. Inspired by traditional Mediterranean flavors and locally crafted in North Carolina, Whoomus Foods hummus offers a rich, creamy texture and the bold flavors of cilantro, garlic, and spices — unlike any store-bought hummus you’ve tried before.

Find Whoomus Foods on their website

6. Luji’s Chocolate

Luji’s Chocolate creates decadent chocolate bars crafted in West Africa and infused with the region’s unique ingredients such as Ginger Plantain Crunch and Spicy Suya. Luji’s does more than create chocolate — with every purchase, they deliver a cocoa tree seedling to a local West African farmer, nurturing a future where West African cocoa is celebrated globally, right from its soil.

Purchase on their website!

7. D’Cuja

D’Cuja offers nonalcoholic and natural cocktail mixers free from refined sugars and artificial flavorings and dyes. D’Cuja aims to bridge the gap between the NA and Alcohol space during social gatherings by offering a versatile drink that everyone can enjoy with or without alcohol. Their mixers are offered seasonally, ensuring a fresh peak-season taste.

Check out D’Cuja online!

8. Bell’s Reines

Bell’s Reines is a gourmet mini cookie brand that uses the highest quality, nut-free ingredients, free from preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors. Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Bell’s Reines cookies are freshly baked to order and delivered to your door nationwide and offer flavors such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and more.

Buy Bell’s Reines on their website!

9. Tiger Life Gourmet

Tiger Life Gourmet is a seasoning brand that celebrates the richness of cultural foods with irresistibly bold flavors. Tiger Life’s convenient spice jars feature secret family recipes and empower today’s home cooks to create delicious, satisfying meals that make the soul happy. Choose from spice blends such as Southern Collards, Garlicky Steak, and Bomb A$$ Grill Dust, to stock your pantry the Tiger Life way.

Find Tiger Life online!

10. Sweet Kiwi

Sweet Kiwi is an innovative, frozen dessert that satisfies a sweet tooth while supporting a healthy gut. Sweet Kiwi’s natural premium whipped Greek yogurt is made with fresh milk that is then cultured, strained, and whipped to create an unforgettable frozen Greek yogurt experience.

Purchase online!

11. Yolélé

Yolélé is a purpose-driven African foods company founded by Senegal-born and raised Chef Pierre Thiam with a mission to create income opportunities for smallholder West African farmers, support their climate-smart, regenerative farming practices, and share the flavors and ingredients of West Africa with the world. With products such as Fonio pilaf and Afro-Funk spice rub, Yolélé will delight your tastebuds with new flavors and textures all while supporting West African farmers. 

Buy Yolélé online!

12. New Breed

New Breed offers a delicious line of healthy plant-based proteins for every meal of the day— breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With alternatives for ground meat, burgers, sausage, and chicken, their unique plant-based blend of pea, brown rice, and algae delivers a powerful punch of protein and flavor to ensure you never miss the meat.

Find on their website!

13. Funky Mello

Funky Mello makes plant-based marshmallow cremes for an allergen-friendly (and delicious) way to snack. Funky Mello’s whipped “marshmallow” cremes offer an alternative to the bland allergen-friendly snacks of yore and come in three delicious flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and cookie.

Purchase online!

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