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SINCE 2019

The beginning May marks the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month. To celebrate, we wanted to honor some of the amazing AAPI-owned brands in the Startup CPG community. Though this list barely scratches the surface, these brands represent some of the incredible innovation the AAPI community is bringing to the CPG industry, and we cannot wait to see what they do next.

1. Popadelics

Popadelics Crunchy Mushroom Chips are shiitake mushrooms reimagined for the modern superfood snacker that burst with flavor and pack an addictive crunch. To purhcase Popadelics online (or find a store near you), head to their website!

2. Podi Life

Podi Life makes Indian-inspired heirloom seasoning blends made of stone-ground lentils, herbs, nuts and spices. These spice blends are perfect for sprinkling on your morning eggs, popcorn, grilled veggies, meats, cooked rice, and so much more. Podi Life offers Indian flavor in an instant, without any cooking. Learn more on their website!


3. Wild Orchard

Wild Orchard makes artisan tea grown on a regenerative farm. Located on the volcanic island of Jeju, South Korea, the farm is lush with tea trees thriving amidst the native wildlife, untouched by chemicals or compromising practices. To check out Wild Orchard’s teas, head to their website! 

4. Gourmais

Gourmais® is a premium cracker brand crafting polenta crisps (gluten-free, and plant-based) baked into a range of delicious flavors, including Porcini Mushroom, Mediterranean Sea Salt, and Herbs de Provence. Find Gourmais on their website


RĒJINS is an inclusive & minimalist skincare brand. Their mission is to offer simple and effective skincare for maturing skin. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of diverse skin tones from across the globe, they recognize, celebrate, and connect you with your unique beauty. Learn more on their website.

6. Vân Vân

Vân Vân makes premium, terroir-driven Vietnamese ingredients for home cooks. With a foundation rooted in Vietnamese home cooking, history, and culture, their products consist of single-origin spices and herbs sourced from different growing regions around Việt Nam. Check out their products on their website.

7. It’s Fair & Square

It’s Fair & Square reimagines childhood favorite snacks, like Cheez-it and Teddy Grahams, using gut friendly, prebiotic ingredients and inclusive formulations that cater to all eaters without sacrificing on fun or flavor. Check them out on their website!

8. Karma Nuts

Simply put, Karma Nuts is home to the most delicious and nutritious cashews on earth. Their wrapped cashews are air-roasted, never fried, and are also Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, kosher and vegan. To learn more about Karma Nuts’ offerings, including their new cashew cookies, head to their website.

9. The Chai Box

The Chai Box’s mission is to bring the rich tradition of Chai making to everyone’s home. With a focus on sustainability and heritage, they ethically source their single-origin spices while honoring their culture with blends inspired by different regions in India. Check them out online!

10. Dumpling Daughter

Dumpling Daughter’s mission is simple: to make people happy one (frozen) dumpling at a time. With classic flavors such as Pork & Chive dumplings paired with vegan buns stuffed to the brim with vegetables, there is something for everyone looking for their dumpling (or bun) fix. Learn more on their website!

11. Hot Pot Queen

Hot Pot Queen makes products that are fabulously spicy, deliciously numbing, and authentically loud in Chongqing flavor. From a Wild Mushroom Chili Sauce crafted from a blend of mushrooms harvested in the mountains of Yunnan to Spicy HotPot Thick Cut noodles that are ready in just five minutes, Hot Pot Queen has all of your spicy desires covered. Check them out online!

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